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Bottomless Pit

Last week, I experienced the most incredible sense of hunger that I have ever felt. Seriously. I would a eat a pretty good meal and still feel like I was starving. There was even a morning where my body made me wake up an hour earlier than usual because I was so hungry. I have been trying to think if I had experienced this with my first one, and I don’t think I did. At least not in the 1st trimester, and I know I never woke up early because I needed to eat. I remember I was just fine at work with a baggie of Cheerios or Kix and a pear or an apple, along with a normal lunch. I also seem to require more meat than last time. I feel really off-balance if I don’t eat something with beef in it during the day, preferably at lunch.

My hunger hasn’t been quite so severe the past few days. I think the bump was just having a growth spurt. Which is another difference. I am already wearing maternity clothes, while with my first pregnancy I did not wear maternity clothes until I was in my 2nd tri.

My first doctor appt will be this upcoming Thursday 😀 I am really excited about it. I have learned that setting a doc appt in this area is not an easy thing to do. I know there is not much they can do before 12 weeks, but I had hoped to see someone before I was 12 weeks along. Especially since it will be with a doc I have never met and will have to go through the whole LOOOOONG preliminary process. Bleh. I will just have to be as prepared as possible so I can shorten that part of it. I just want to hear the heartbeat. I want my son to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

So. Now for the part of pregnancy that annoys me. Other people. “Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?” “Are you going to have more?” “Are you going to breastfeed or bottle feed?” Now, I have been guilty of asking the 2nd question. Once. The lady in question is an awesome mommy and I was curious as to her future intentions.

The first question is just dumb. I really hate it. What does it matter? Personally, I just hope my kiddo is healthy. Sure it would be nice to have 1 boy and 1 girl, but I have no problems with 2 boys. I have known enough people who have had problematic pregnancies that I am just thankful for a healthy child. I have also known people who had actually gotten too into this sort of subject, and were then bitter towards their children for not being the opposite gender. I know it is crazy, but these people were crazy.
I suspect it is my disdain with this very question that makes me happy to NOT find out if I am having a boy a or a girl. I also think there are too few mysteries left and I love surprises. It also drives people NUTS . Hehe. I do get a kick out of the surprise it gives people when they ask what I am having and I tell them I am not finding out.

The second question is just kind of personal… and people have been asking me that question since before my first son was a bump in the belly. It just annoys me.

The third question…. grrrr. If you do not really want to know, then do not ask. I will breastfeed if possible. If that disgusts you, then don’t ask that kind of question. I am not militant about it. I do not flaunt it. I believe nursing a baby is a special moment between the 2 of you. I treasure the memories I have of nursing my son and am looking forward to doing the same with this one.

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