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Tummy Flutters

I’ve been feeling little flutters lately and REALLY started feeling them today 🙂 This is my favorite part of pregnancy. I can’t wait until I can start to actually see the baby moving. With my son, I used to come home from work, prop up my legs on a bunch of pillows, pull my shirt over my belly, and watch the ripples. It was pretty good entertainment for at least an hour.

Writing this blog made me start to think about the good things about being pregnant. A lot of people dwell on the terrible things and the horror stories of giving birth. I think people should remember the good things too. Here are 10 of my favorite things (in no particular order):

1. Tummy Flutters (as mentioned above)
2. Watching the ripples (also mentioned above)
3. People are more willing to do things for you – vacuuming, moving furniture, yard work
4. Using the belly as a table and no one thinks twice about it.
5. Researching names and their meanings.
6. Window shopping for baby clothes and toys.
7. Getting a space ready for the new addition.
8. Filling in a baby book.
9. A good report on the ultrasound.
10. Holding that little baby as soon as she/he comes into this world.

I figured I would write these down now, so I can look back at them when I start to complain about my swelling feet, itchy stretch marks, and that darn baby weight that refuses to come off after the baby is born 😉

My Heart In My Throat

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, I had to go to the ER. I was bleeding pretty badly and am thankful my husband was here to drive me since I was crying the whole way. I know spotting is normal, but this was way more than mere spotting.
I hate going into an ER. It is depressing and scary. I hate seeing all the people who are hurt and crying. I hate the wait to find out if I am ok.
They asked me a ton of questions and took a ton of blood. Then they did the test I was most anxious for: the ultrasound.
I had just had an ultrasound just on Friday as my doctor wanted to make sure I really was at 12 weeks. That little baby was jumping around like a grasshopper. Thankfully, this 2nd ultrasound in 3 days still showed a little grasshopper with a heartbeat going strong.
The ER doc told me I was bleeding between the placenta and the uterus. I was told this sort of thing can just happen. Since it has happened to me, I am now to take it easy, if possible. I am not used to just sitting around, but I am doing my best to protect my little grasshopper.
I did go in for a follow-up today and got a pretty positive result. I am hopeful this was a one time occurrence, but do not intend to take any chances.

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