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My Heart In My Throat

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, I had to go to the ER. I was bleeding pretty badly and am thankful my husband was here to drive me since I was crying the whole way. I know spotting is normal, but this was way more than mere spotting.
I hate going into an ER. It is depressing and scary. I hate seeing all the people who are hurt and crying. I hate the wait to find out if I am ok.
They asked me a ton of questions and took a ton of blood. Then they did the test I was most anxious for: the ultrasound.
I had just had an ultrasound just on Friday as my doctor wanted to make sure I really was at 12 weeks. That little baby was jumping around like a grasshopper. Thankfully, this 2nd ultrasound in 3 days still showed a little grasshopper with a heartbeat going strong.
The ER doc told me I was bleeding between the placenta and the uterus. I was told this sort of thing can just happen. Since it has happened to me, I am now to take it easy, if possible. I am not used to just sitting around, but I am doing my best to protect my little grasshopper.
I did go in for a follow-up today and got a pretty positive result. I am hopeful this was a one time occurrence, but do not intend to take any chances.

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