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Nothing exciting has happened lately, thank the Gods. I have got some room ready for the new one. S~ and the new baby will have to share space for a little while. Until we are able to get our house on the market and sell it. We have a renter in it at the moment and she has another year on her lease, so it will be at least a year (most likely more) before we can start to look at other houses…

We got S~ a loft bed, so he can have a play space under his bed. It is amazing how much more room he has now. We don’t have the crib, yet, so I put our cradle in the area where I would like to have the crib. My in-laws will be bringing the crib here from FL sometime next month. It really is a lot of fun to move things around and decorate for a new baby. I know it won’t stay organized, but it is fun to do it anyway.

I will be getting the “big” ultrasound July 2. We have decided not to find out if we are having a boy or girl, but this one is still important to find out if the little one has Down’s or any other possible problems. I would like to be prepared.

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