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Busy Busy Summertime

The docs gave me the all-clear to start doing active stuff again back in the beginning of June. So I have been. I’ve gone camping three times, flew to Nebraska for a family reunion, then drove up to Minnesota to see other family and friends. I have been home for four days since our Minnesota trip. I will post a few pictures from our adventures.

I have also been making sure I get some exercise everyday. Mostly walking, although I have started to get some more gardening in now that the temps are under 100. I hiked up Badger Mtn today with my boy. We only made it halfway, but that is still a pretty big hike for a 5-year-old. Too bad he threw a temper tantrum right after that. It had started out to be a great day. He’s been grounded to his room for the day… effectively grounding me to the house as well. My husband and I had planned on getting registered today, but we will just have to do that tomorrow.

The baby has moved a lot more. Or, I can feel the baby moving a lot more. I know the baby has been moving a lot already as I saw from my first ultrasound when he/she was swimming all over the place like a little fish.

Camping in N. Idaho on Uncle Ron’s property:

Camping at Camp Farragut in N. Idaho:

Camping at Hause Creek:

I will have to post the travel pictures later. These took me longer to get on here than I thought and I have to bake pies for another family reunion tomorrow. Ciao!

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