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Into the home stretch (marks)

I am into the 3rd trimester. This pregnancy has really sped on past. Kind of a relief in some ways and kind of sad in others. I have definitely had more fun while pregnant this time around, but have been more tired and worn out also. This may stem from all the activity… I have registered for my baby shower which will be in October. That is so much fun. I keep adding more things online. Heh.

I have decided to give cloth diapers another try, but have registered for a brand other than Gerber. The Gerber ones seemed to be too hard to use and leaked all over the place. In order to get them to stop, I would have to use 2 cloth diapers and that led to a wibble-wobble effect on poor Sol. It was pretty funny looking. I have pictures. However, the Gerber brand was awesome for cleaning up messes and for use as a spit-up rag/burp cloth.

I had the ever so wonderful gestational diabetes test today. Glucola makes me want to vomit. At least I am not the only one. There were 3 other pregnant women in the lab with me and all but one looked a little green. The best part of that test is having the needle stuck into my arm. Bleh.

The lump has been making my shirt jump around lately. It makes me laugh. It is also really neat to see Sol’s face when he feels the baby moving. He talks to his baby brother/sister everyday and blows him/her kisses. I should record that on my camera. It is adorable.

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