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Baby Food Basics (8 – 12 months)

Disclaimer! I am NOT a pediatrician. These recipes worked for me, but may not work for you. I was very cautious about giving my baby new foods (he did not even have cereal until he was about 6 months old). Please consult with your pediatrician if you have any concerns over any of the foods I list.
Books I recommend:
  • The Baby Bistro Cookbook by Joohee Muromcew
Babies should be primarily fed breastmilk or formula until 6 months of age. From my experience, most pediatricians will also recommend waiting until 6 months before starting on rice cereal – but I have read a few sources which say it is perfectly fine to start on cereal at 4 months of age. Be sure to talk to your pediatrician about the best times to start baby on certain foods.
Some definate NO-NO’s for babies under 1 year:
  • egg whites
  • peanut products
  • tree nut products
  • strawberries (especially if your family has a history of strawberry allergies)
  • honey
  • milk/dairy

Usually at about 8 months of age, your pediatrician may give you some more leeway in foods. Hence the reason why I am starting my list for 8 – 12 months. S/he may allow you to start giving your baby egg yolks and meat at this time. However, babies do not require meat at this age (especially since nursing/bottle feeding should continue on a regular basis for up to 1 year), and it could pose a choking hazard.

Ok, now that that is out of the way – here are the products I always tried to keep on hand:

  • frozen peas
  • frozen green beans
  • frozen corn
  • butternut squash
  • sweet potatoes
  • avocados
  • couscous
  • rice
  • black beans (or other legumes): canned are easier, but dried will work also
  • frozen raspberries
  • frozen peaches
  • bananas: lol “nana” was my son’s fourth word
  • applesauce: you can find “natural” applesauce which is low in sugar.
  • baby cereal
  • formula: Sol was primarily breastfed, but I found it handy keeping formula on hand in case I needed to mix up some cereal quickly.
  • a small selection of store bought baby foods: they may be flavorless, but they do come in handy if travelling about or if you leave your baby with someone else for a couple of hours.

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