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I love my little boy with all my heart, but there are days when he wears my patience down to almost nothing. I know I did the same to my folks, but that knowledge doesn’t help with dealing with some of his crap. Somewhere he got the idea that he can just tell me that he isn’t going to speak to me to me again. I am guessing it is from friends. I’ve heard his friend C~ tell another friend of his that on a pretty regular basis. It just doesn’t fly with me and he will lose privileges over that kind of attitude. Tonight it was because I would not let him sleep on the papasan. He would never actually go to sleep if I let him do that.

I do worry that I am overreacting to some of his antics, but I think back on it later and I do not think so. I should not have to ask him to get his shoes on 5 times, so I think I am allowed to raise my voice to him by the 6th time. That kind of thing. I know pregnancy can really affect emotions, so I try to think it out when I am dealing with things my boy does that start to tick me off.

A Note on the Pumpkin Soup Recipe

If you use acorn squash, 2 medium-sized squashes = the perfect amount to put into the mix. I had almost exactly 4 cups of squash. I was afraid I would have too much and would need to freeze some, but nope. I had the perfect amount. It was a nice change to the soup, too. I think I will put in a little more onion next time…

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