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The Last Night My Son Is An Only Child

Or so I am hoping.

Sol and I just had a wonderful evening of pizza, popcorn, and a popsicle. We enjoyed the new Alice In Wonderland. We had not seen it before and we both really liked it a lot.

I am currently letting him play a few games on the computer. I figure celebrating the last night of being a sole child should be special, so I am spoiling him a little bit.

I still keep hoping that I will start labor naturally. I am still getting random contractions. They are getting stronger, but they are still not as strong as the hospital had told me they should be and they are not lasting anywhere near as long as they want. The longest one lasted to a count of 26.

Even if I do wind up being induced, I am still very excited to meet this little person currently kicking the crap out of my ribs.

Hopefully, the next time I write on this blog, I will be the proud momma of 2 children. Au revoir.

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