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A New Start

I ran my Week 1 Day 1 last week and did awesome. I think my brand new running shoes may have helped. I had no idea how much of a difference they would make. I love them. They are wonderful. I highly recommend getting a pair of true running shoes, if you can afford them. I do have to admit that the cost put me off a bit.

I did approximately 1.5 miles on my first day. I haven’t been able to get another run in since then, but I hope to get back out there tomorrow. I just need to find someone to watch my new little guy. One set of in-laws have been sick and the other set has been out-of-town. Or they were. I really need to call them.

I felt so good after that run. I am actually looking forward to running outside. I just can’t seem to force myself outside in 17 degree weather. My lungs are unhappy with that kind of cold while I am just walking. I can’t imagine how they would react to me running in that.

My brother is also sending me a new jogging stroller. I am looking forward to using it. Sam should be ready for it by April. I think he and I will be having a few fun runs with it. Sol will have fun racing with us on his scooter. Or his bike, if I ever get that front wheel fixed on it.

I guess that is it for now. I need to head off to dream land before the baby wakes me up again.

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