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Hmmm. Now What?

My free gym membership is done. It is very cold and windy outside. I do not want to run in that crap. So, I have not run since Wednesday. On Wednesday, I did Week 2 Day 1 of C25K. I am pretty pleased with how it went. I did attempt this same one on Monday and failed horribly. I learned the hard way that running will not necessarily help in getting rid of a headache. It may, in fact, make it even worse.

Sam had his 2 month shots on Friday. I don’t think I have been getting much sleep since Friday. I really should be in bed now as he is happily sleeping (finally) and I am baby free at the moment. If this post seems pretty random and not so well-put-together, just chalk it up to sleep deprivation.

I am a little concerned that he is not moving his head as he should be. The doc said he had good muscle tone, but if he is not lifting his head by 4 months, then she will be concerned. She did say that he did not weigh as much as she would like and I need to eat better. So, I have been trying to make foods that have the good fats in them: salmon, guacamole. I didn’t actually make the salmon, I baked it. Nature actually made it.

My other demlon, Sol, was sick today. He actually took a nap. I haven’t been able to get him to take a nap since he 1 1/2. He is 5 now. It was weird.

I think this is it for now. I am going to sleep.

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