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I had 22 hits on the 10th. That is the most visitors in a day ever! I have no idea what brought all those eyes to my blog. They all just seemed to browse my home page and were referred from only 2 other websites. Which I find suspect. The referring websites always seem to be weird. Every once in a while a referring website will be something I recognize. Like the WordPress category pages – you can search for blogs using certain category/tag words. Most (like the ones from the 10th) had weird url’s that I would not normally think were even safe to click on. I did click on them out of┬ácuriosity. One went nowhere and the other one did have a list of random blogs (I think they were blogs anyway).


Sammi seems to be trying harder to keep his head up. I am so pleased by this. He still has trouble lifting his head when he is on his tummy, but he does try to look at toys when I rattle them. This is more action than I had seen previously during tummy time. I do hope that the problem is just weak muscles, but I do have to say that if the problem does turn out to be something more severe, we will work through it. Or with it. We will work with Sammi.

I do get a little frustrated that his development has slowed. I can hardly wait to use our new jogger and a part of me is a bit afraid that we won’t be able to that for longer than anticipated. I also wonder about things like will I have to wait longer to feed him solids? Will his walking be impaired?

Then I give myself a mental slap.

He is only 5 months old (as of yesterday) and he won’t be able to do those things anyway for at least 2 + months. Just work with today. Enjoy today.

When I remember that, I really do feel less stressed and I think I remember to enjoy being a mom.

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