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Get Off Your Broom Week 2

Week 1 Overview

Ok. My first week did not go too well. I did alright with the food. No fast food and no ice cream. However, I did have a few breakdowns with chocolate. I will be discussing this issue a bit further down. I also had a horrible 24 hour flu or food poisoning thing. I spent my Thursday running for the bathroom and for a while I actually stayed in the bathroom curled up on the floor. It was painful and awful.


I decided that I would only be doing weight on a weekly basis. I will do the other measurements on the first Saturday of each month.

Weight: 170 lbs.

-2 lbs!

Week 2 Challenge

“This weeks mini-challenge is to research ways to take control of your emotional eating. First you need to identify when you emotionally eat. Remember the 5 W’s from English class: who, what, when, where, why? Who are you eating with, what are you eating, when are you eating it, where are you eating it, and why are you eating it. Once you’ve done that think of things to do instead of eat. If you need to, do some research on the Internet or read some books on the subject. Then in next week’s check-in, report on what you learned, especially what you learned about yourself!” From The Domestic Pagan.

I am an emotional eater. I am also a bored eater. I also eat because I very much enjoy food. Now on to identifying my bad eating habits:

Who: If I emotionally eat, it is alone. Almost as if what I am doing is shameful.

What: Hmmm. Lately it seems to be candy bars (mostly cuz that is what is around). I will scrounge around until I find something sweet: granola bars, chocolate chips, licorice, ice cream, banana bread, pumpkin bread, and so on.

When: Usually when everyone else is asleep. As I mentioned above, I eat like this when no one else is around.

Where: Home

Why: To the meat of the subject. Why? How about I just concentrate on this week. The week started off with a pretty awful letter from a family member. I took my youngest to Seattle Children’s Hospital for follow-up appointments and more blood work. I tried to go to the gym: drove 30 minutes to get there, couldn’t get any exercising in because Sammi would not stop crying, got really frustrated on the way home. I got that horrible stomach thing that I think I passed on to Sam today (his symptoms are more mild than mine were, thankfully). These were the abnormal stressors this week. I also have my normal ones associated with household care: laundry, dirty cloth diapers, what to make for dinner, shopping for dinner, keeping the kids on schedule, cleaning house, etc.
I suppose, looking at the way my weeks normally go, and the way this one was, I think I stress eat alone because that is the time I enjoy for myself. And the time I want to have enjoyment. I enjoy food.

This week, I am going to find a replacement for my alone time food. Maybe carrots with hummus/half apple with peanut butter/slice of cheese/etc. and a cup of herbal tea. Peet’s Xiao’s Blend is one of my favorite teas and would be a perfect choice before bed. I also think it is important to have something with protein before bed, hence the hummus, peanut butter, and cheese choices. I am also going to work on a menu for the week. I may start putting up a menu next week as I need to work with the household to figure out dinner choices. I am also going to get better about my exercising. I was ill last week, so I need to be sure to keep it up this week.







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6 thoughts on “Get Off Your Broom Week 2

  1. I feel you on the stress and bored eating. One thing I’ve found thats helps me not eat junk food is that I just don’t buy it when I get groceries. I make a menu and grocery list and add healthy snack for me and the family and then if any of us want junk we have to go to the store and buy it as we want it. It makes the hubs and kids mad so every once in a while I’ll but some cookies or something but only one bag. I do the same thing with sodas. I have found that I’ll almost never want something so badly I will leave the house just for a bag of chips or soda. So I will dig around and find something better for me. It doesn’t keep me from ever eating junk food but at least it isn’t easy to get to.


  2. Hooray 2lbs! And I totally get not doing the measurements weekly. The process will show better results with more time in between.


  3. Good Job on the progress! Keep up the great work!


  4. 2lbs is wonderul congrats


  5. A fellow victim of week one food poisoning, yikes. Reading around it looks like Week One was crummy for everyone. Good luck with C25k, I just started and its kicking me good.


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