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Get Off Your Broom Week 2 Review & Week 3 Challenge

Recap of Week 2:

Weight: 168.4
-1.6 lbs!
-3.6 lbs total

I definitely did better with the stress, emotional, bored eating. However, I did break my fast on fast food and ice cream. I just needed a cheeseburger sooo badly. The ice cream was part of a malt I had in Seattle when I took my son for a doc appointment. No reason for it, but DAMN it was so freaking good. I haven’t had a malt in years. The calories alone were more than twice my daily allowance, but it was worth it. I did walk for about 2 hours (carrying an 11-month-old the whole time) to help burn some of that off. I did pretty good with the exercising. I love my new gym! I did 20 minutes in the cardio theater and didn’t even notice lol. I was sweaty, but really enjoying the movie. I also did my first ever stint at running on a treadmill for my C25K program. The steady pace did help me to go farther than I do on trails, but I think I do prefer to run outside.

Thinking on the subject of emotional eating seemed to help me curb those cravings caused by emotional, stress, and boredom factors. Other than the milkshake, I actually did pretty decently with the eating last week.

Week 3 Challenge

“This is going to have two parts. Remember it is always optional. Part 1 will be about investigating the cravings that we have that aren’t due to emotional eating. Why do we have a sudden craving for something sweet or salty that just seems to come out of the middle of nowhere? Should we give in to these cravings or suffer through them?

Part 2 has to do with body measurements. If you have not yet started keeping track of your measurements, I want you to buy or borrow a measuring tape and start! Keeping track of your weight is helpful but not always a true gauge of achievements. My week 2 results are proof of this.” From The Domestic Pagan
Part 1
I’ve been thinking about this. Sometimes I think that a craving is there for a reason. You might need more salt, protein,¬†gluten, carbs, fat, whatever. I really do believe that our bodies let us know these things. I also believe that if you are craving something that is not especially good for you, try doing something else to distract yourself (go for a walk or drink water – sometimes reading the nutritional info on whatever I want also helps). If the craving goes away, you didn’t really need it. If it remains, give in to it, but try to be responsible. Don’t eat the whole tub of ice cream. Measure out a half cup of ice cream, then top it off with nuts & fruit (pineapple + coconut is super yummy on ice cream).
Part 2
I mentioned before that I will really do body measurements the first Saturday of each month. You are all lucky I am even weighing myself each week lol. Yes, it is important to keep track of the other measurements, but I am not going to do them every week.

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