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Weekly Menu









Hardboiled Egg & Toast

Cottage Cheese and Peaches

Waffles w/ Pecans

Oatmeal w/ almonds

Feta Egg Scramble

Nutty Fruit Smoothie

Strawberry Ricotta Wraps


Blackened Chicken w/ Brown Rice

Crispy Turkey and Veggie Stacks




3 Bean Chili

Curry Carrot and White Bean Soup


Hummus w/ Pita, Pears and Cottage Cheese

Toasted Oat Cereal & Raisins, Apple w/ Peanut Butter

Yoghurt w/ Berries, Bell Peppers w/ Dressing

tea & toast, graham crackers & milk

Cheese Melt, Fresh Pear

Banana, Tea & Toast

Fresh Pear, Graham Crackers & Milk


Cauliflower w/ Almonds & Chickpea Soup

Stuffed Acorn Squash





Tuscan Pasta


Get Off Your Broom Week 7 Check-In and Week 8 Challenge

As I was pretty miserable last week, I didn’t do much on the blogging front. I also didn’t do much on the exercise front. I pretty much failed at the whole trying to be healthy thing. So. This week I will put forth more effort. I am feeling better and have no excuse to not exercise (at least some walking and light cardio).

Weight: 167.1


I have gained 1.6 lbs since last Sunday. I have been told that I am looking good… Of course they may have been just being polite lol. I’m not too terribly about 1.6 lbs. I will take that off this week along with any excess measurements I may have hoarded this past week.

I was just reminded that the Week 6 Challenge was to create a list of why I want to get healthy. So here it is:

1. I want to have 1 more kid. I need my body to be able to handle it.

2. I need to be able to keep up with my kids.

3. I want to avoid the Big D (Diabetes).

4. I want to feel sexy.

5. I want my husband to think I am sexy.

6. I want to feel proud to be naked.

7. I want my confidence back.

8. I want to be a good, healthy role model for my kids.

9. I want to wear that damned dress I can’t fit into.

10. I want my body to look like the temple I know it is.


There it is.


Week 8 Challenge

“How clean is your diet? Are you eating low-calorie, low-fat foods that are processed, filled with preservatives and ingredients that sound like the came out of a science lab instead of a kitchen? Is the meat you are eating full of growth hormones orĀ doused with radiation? Are your fruits and veggies covered with pesticides? I want you to do some research and evaluate whether or not your diet that is low in calories, carbs, and fat is completely healthy.” From The Domestic Pagan

My food has been anything but healthy lately. This week, I am going to work on eating food that I know is not just healthy, but healthily created. I have created a menu, that I will post next, that is very healthy. My challenge for this week is to be careful around all the calories with Thanksgiving… I can do this, my body is a temple!

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