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Run it out!

I have had a rough 2 weeks. Well,it wasn’t something that happened to┬áme, but it is something that has affected my friends and family and has also been affecting me. I have been a pretty angry at a couple of people and now that anger has started to fade and is really turning into heartache and resentment for the changes resulting from their actions. Even though I now understand that these changes were probably going to happen sooner or later, anyway.

I first found out about these things the weekend of Dec. 3. I went for a run to try to get it out of my system on Dec. 4. I have never in my life been that full of rage. I ran 2.25 miles in the time I usually run 1.8. Up and down hills. The rage subsided and I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. I am not sure I will repeat that anytime soon.

I have had a lot of trouble controlling my portions. Partly because of the above and partly because I really really really like my own cooking and baking. I have baked a ton of candy and stuff for the Holidays. Well, it feels like I have been, even though I don’t feel like I have a lot to show for it. Hehe. Anyway, I have been too afraid to take any of my measurements as I am pretty sure I will not like the results. So, my plan for the rest of the week:

  • Wed: Cardio machines for 20 minutes + yoga at my gym. I haven’t been exercising as much as I want to and am hoping to ease my way back in.
  • Thurs: Run.
  • Fri: BodyPump
  • Sat: Run

That should be a good plan to get me back up to speed. Of course, Sammi’s schedule will also be a factor here. I need to have someone to watch him or have him cooperate with the gym nursery.

I will also do better with my meals.

That is enough of an update for now. G’night.

Get Off Your Broom Update

*Sorry to post this so late. I started writing it days ago, but haven’t had time to finish it. Sick kids, Thanksgiving cleanup, life – those are my excuses.

I did pretty well with sticking to my menu last week. Thanksgiving… not so well. I did finally feel well enough to go for a run on Saturday with a pup named Tramp from the animal shelter. He is my favorite running buddy, so far. I hope he finds a good family, but if he is still there when we get our own house *crossed fingers*, I would love to adopt him.

On to the challenge stuff.

I weighed myself 3 times today and came up with different numbers each time: 164, 167, & 170. I don’t think I have gained ALL of my weight back, and I don’t think I lost any with all the Turkey Day stuff I ingested, so I am just going to go with 167, which is the same as last week. Stupid scale. I was going to do the rest of my measurements, but I will have to do that next weekend.

On the challenge from last week:

I did pretty good with eating healthily and eating food that is healthily prepared. In fact, I will be posting the 2 vegetarian recipes I tried last week sometime soon. The chickpea soup was incredible. I need to retry the cauliflower recipe. I flubbed it up pretty good. It still tasted fine, but I think it would have been extraordinary if I hadn’t used frozen cauliflower.

Week 8 Challenge

This week we are supposed to come up with a Witchy Diet plan.

Hmm. I think that as a Pagan, a diet plan should be full of healthy meal and snack choices. It would not contain any easy fixes. I believe Pagans should pay attention to what goes into their bodies, so trying to ingest as few chemicals and over-processed foods as possible. Exercise is also a must.

As a Pagan, I believe that I can feel attuned to the Earth and Universe in simple, everyday tasks. Making a meal and going for a walk, for example. I am enjoying the Earth’s bounty and taking in the Earth all around me. I also feel great when I have accomplished cooking a good meal or going for a run.

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