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Get Off Your Broom Update

*Sorry to post this so late. I started writing it days ago, but haven’t had time to finish it. Sick kids, Thanksgiving cleanup, life – those are my excuses.

I did pretty well with sticking to my menu last week. Thanksgiving… not so well. I did finally feel well enough to go for a run on Saturday with a pup named Tramp from the animal shelter. He is my favorite running buddy, so far. I hope he finds a good family, but if he is still there when we get our own house *crossed fingers*, I would love to adopt him.

On to the challenge stuff.

I weighed myself 3 times today and came up with different numbers each time: 164, 167, & 170. I don’t think I have gained ALL of my weight back, and I don’t think I lost any with all the Turkey Day stuff I ingested, so I am just going to go with 167, which is the same as last week. Stupid scale. I was going to do the rest of my measurements, but I will have to do that next weekend.

On the challenge from last week:

I did pretty good with eating healthily and eating food that is healthily prepared. In fact, I will be posting the 2 vegetarian recipes I tried last week sometime soon. The chickpea soup was incredible. I need to retry the cauliflower recipe. I flubbed it up pretty good. It still tasted fine, but I think it would have been extraordinary if I hadn’t used frozen cauliflower.

Week 8 Challenge

This week we are supposed to come up with a Witchy Diet plan.

Hmm. I think that as a Pagan, a diet plan should be full of healthy meal and snack choices. It would not contain any easy fixes. I believe Pagans should pay attention to what goes into their bodies, so trying to ingest as few chemicals and over-processed foods as possible. Exercise is also a must.

As a Pagan, I believe that I can feel attuned to the Earth and Universe in simple, everyday tasks. Making a meal and going for a walk, for example. I am enjoying the Earth’s bounty and taking in the Earth all around me. I also feel great when I have accomplished cooking a good meal or going for a run.

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2 thoughts on “Get Off Your Broom Update

  1. Do you have an electronic scale? And do you move it around before weighing?

    Before moving in with the BF, I lived in an old and crooked house. And frm one day to the next, in the new flat (with very even concrete floors) I had “gained” 12 pounds, despite all the carrying and climbing stairs. It seems that these scales (and most likely old-fashioned mechanical scales) do not work properly on uneven floors, so if you want reliable results, you may have to put it in one place and keep it there without moving it to get at least a good “progress number”.

    Of course, you could do without scale as well, and just go by how you feel and how your clothes fit.


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