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Quick! While I have a few minutes!

I don’t get on my big computer very much any more. I don’t like my littlest kids in the office with me, so that means I log on when they are both asleep. Which is usually when I am too tired to log on. I could type up a blog post on my iPad. However, I really hate typing things on a touch screen. So, I just don’t post as much as I had planned on posting.

My fitness journey came to a stand-still. My in-laws graciously paid for me to enter the Gold’s 12 Week Challenge. I feel bad that I have not made much progress on that, until last week. I used my 2 free training sessions. Holy cow. It was eye-opening. It also got me motivated to do better.  Tonight I created a menu for the week (will not bore you with that) and a workout schedule (which I will bore you with heh. It’s my blog, deal with it.). My trainer and I worked on lower body one day. I did great with that. Then we did upper body… Yeah. Not so good. So, I am to work out my upper body twice a week and lower body once per week (on the weight machines. Upper body also includes core exercises like crunches). He wants me to schedule a follow-up in a month to see if I have made any progress. If I have, he has offered me another training session for free. Which is super awesome since they are usually $75 – $90 per one hour session.

So, here is my exercise plan. I try to give myself a few options since I have to keep my schedule pretty flexible:

Monday: BodyPump/Buoyancy Burn/BodyFlow
Tuesday: CXWorx/Run (trying for both)
Wednesday: Lower Body/RPM
Thursday: Run/Upper Body (both would be good)
Friday: BodyFlow
Saturday: Free Day – I usually spend this day with my family and try to catch up on housework/crafts.
Sunday: CXWorx/Run/Upper Body

Now that I have written it down for the world to see, I hope to keep up with it. This type of schedule should get me into shape for the Bloomsday Run in May. I need to get on track for that.

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