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A few ideas for future postings.

I haven’t been blogging much. In case you haven’t noticed. I have hardly been on my main computer at all in weeks. The curse of a tablet. The bad thing about a tablet is that it seriously sucks trying to type on that thing. Thus, I will not blog from it. So, I am writing down a few things I really do hope to get started on here.

  • Eating healthy on a budget. It can happen. I have done it and I need to be better about it.
  • Operation Vacation. I want to look awesome for my trip this upcoming August. YOU can help me achieve that. A blog will be written on this later.
  • Tutorials? Maybe. I have enough going on without needing to load more expectations on me. I may come up with a few jewelry-making or sewing/tutu tutorials next year.

I will be starting a page on healthy eating after this has been posted.

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