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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 11

Fox & Broom|30 Days of Thankfulness

Day 11: Tradition

My current favorite tradition is my annual Witches’ Tea Party. I have held it for three years. I almost canceled it this year due to how sick I had been, but I decided it was something I really needed to do.

Fox & Broom|Witches' Tea Party

The Fruit Owls created by my amazing mother-in-law.

Fox & Broom|Witches' Tea Party

A few of the “witches” who came. My party has an average of 30 people every year.

Fox & Broom|Witches' Tea Party

A few more witches. It was so nice this year that we moved a portion of the party to the outside.

Fox & Broom|Witches' Tea Party

The full fruit display created by my mother-in-law.

Fox & Broom|Witches' Tea Party

Some spooky items on the fruit display.

Fox & Broom|Witches' Tea Party

The centerpiece: The owl pumpkin. It was amazingly gorgeous.

Fox & Broom|Witches' Tea Party

People bring a bit of food every year. I create butterbeer and butterbeer mini cupcakes along with a selection of teas. We had six teas this year.

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One thought on “30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 11

  1. So great. Sign me up. I wish. Great owls…

    I feel absolutely traditionless. I actually wrote a column about this when I worked for the paper. Growing up without holidays made me appreciate certain things more, like the glow of Christmas lights or the bite in the air at Halloween. I was just a kid with her nosed pressed up against the glass, and still am!
    Sometimes on Thanksgiving break we visited Wilmington, NC, where my friend and her mom lived. Her mom was kind of bohemian, always tan, and I loved her. We ate tacos around a chunky wood table barefoot at Thanksgiving.
    I miss the comfort of being around my grandparents on Christmas Break and watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” back to back on tv.
    Later, my stepmother made Christmas cookies every year, but that has been over for some years now. In fact, my “family” completely fell apart this year, for good.
    I have spent holidays alone in a bar. I have spent them at mansions with elevators overlooking the ocean. I have sat with all different kinds of families and observed their traditions.
    My favorite tradition is working out every morning.


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