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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 12

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Day 12: Gadget

Hmmm. I am so thankful for so many gadgets. My microwave is currently broken and I really do miss having that convenience, although I am working around it pretty easily. I do love my dishwasher, but I know I can survive without it in a heartbeat.

I think I am most thankful for my heater. It went out a few years ago and that was miserable. I was so worried about the kids being warm enough that I had trouble sleeping. First thing in the morning, I would start a fire in the fireplace in an attempt to get some warmth. I was baking and baking and baking, trying to add more warmth. I was finding excuses to go to different places so I wouldn’t have to use the stone cold toilet. We tried to use small space heaters, but had to be so careful that it was almost worse than worrying about the cold. I worried about them catching fire and I worried about them tripping the breakers (which did happen). So yes, I really love having a whole house heater that I do not have to worry about, at least when it is working.

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