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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 20

Fox & Broom|30 Days of Thankfulness

Day 20: Keepsake

Oh boy. I have moved so many times that I have either lost or gotten rid of a lot of things that would be keepsakes.

So, I guess it is another tie. I have a July 1998 edition of National Geographic. This particular edition has a small article with a picture of my Grandma Irene. The article was on natural disasters. Her house had been buried under over 30 feet of snow. She was a really neat lady. You can read my own memorium to her here.

My second treasure is a treasure box created by the ever so lovely and talented Abigail Swire. That little box has held some of my weird little treasures around the US for over 20 years.

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One thought on “30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 20

  1. Keepsakes are the main thing I carry around with me in lieu of furniture.I have the 2 coffee cups and bowl you gave me. I have pictures and cards Zan made for me in elementary school, his odd attempts at ceramics, and a paper bookmark stamped with hearts and crowned with feathers. Baby teeth that belong to the tooth fairy. A big quartz crystal a boy gave me that he found on the floorboard of someone’s car.

    Reminds me of a great short story called “The Things They Carried” of soldiers trudging into war.


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