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Six Months

Well, here I am. I am still around. Six months ago, on August 25, 2016, my life completely changed. I had a really rough patch after that and have been working on getting my body back. Cancer takes a lot from a person. Strength, health, daily routines. My family has been amazing in supporting me while I was really down for the count. I honestly can not imagine surviving as long as I have without them. It makes me want to find the people with no support system and show them the same love.

I have now been able to tentatively plan trips. I have two upcoming trips that I am very excited about. I will be going to the Oregon coast with my sister and my other trip is a secret. I am seriously looking forward to posting all about it once we are back. Both of these vacations are something that I have been trying to plan and save for for at least 15 years.

My hair is starting to grow again. I have to laugh at it. It started with about six little hairs poking out of my head. Just six. It took weeks for more hair to start showing up. Now it is coming in with patches of blonde and patches of light brown. I guess I am a calico.

I am still having some issues with food. I really miss enjoying food. I eat because I need to, but there is no pleasure in it. I used to love the taste of a good rare steak, sushi, falafel gyro… Now it is just mundane. I choke on the weirdest things. I can’t eat lasagna anymore. Well, I can’t eat most pastas. I just start to gag. What is really strange with all of this, is that I have started to crave fish. I don’t even like fish. I have been cooking or buying fish 1 – 3 times per week. I don’t know what to make of this. Broccoli is another food that I can’t seem to get enough of. I guess it is good that I am craving healthy things, but I still don’t enjoy eating them.

In all, I am keeping mostly steady. My hemoglobin has been low, but above the danger zone since December. My white blood cells are still dangerously low, which means I try to stay away from large groups of people. With my immune system so compromised, a common cold could do a lot of damage to me. My tumor markers had dropped drastically, but are trying to climb again. I am not sure what that means, but if it keeps going up, there will be more scans done to see if I need to change or add to my current treatment.


Mom and Max

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4 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. Dusti on said:

    One of the strongest loving people I’ve ever met. So glad you’ve bee in my life. Love you libby.


  2. Max Cooper-Ford on said:

    So very proud of you for fighting this fight. You are a champion. Way to embrace the little things. It’s really one step at a time. Your determination matters. I love you for YOU!!!!


  3. Frances Priester on said:

    Keep your beautiful smile, a positive attitude and above all know you have friends out there who are pulling all the prayers and support in your behalf.


  4. Uncle Ron on said:

    What a rare thing I got on fb and see your post, Libby. Gary keeps us posted, but…is so nice to read ;your comments and see your progress, etc., and hope you enjoy the vacations. My prayers for you go out, as I’m not quite the non-believer my bro is; I still remember the camping trip we took to the Lot, and one day I hope you could bring your crew and father in law up to the Teepee Creek wilderness and enjoy at least a picnic, if not a campout.
    Keep smiling; your uncle and aged admirer,


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