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The Fourth Anniversary

On August 25, I will have made it another year. Suck it, cancer.

I have no idea what to write about the fourth year. I have survived longer than some, but not as long as others. I have days that are awesome and days that feel awful. The whole 2020 curse isn’t helping that last bit.

I will be celebrating surviving for four years with Herceptin, Taxotere, and a bone strengthener, Zometa. Awesome! I will actually celebrate with some sort of favorite dessert.

Fuck you, cancer

This is Elkhart, today’s IV stand. Not sure what it means when a person starts naming this. They might or might not be mostly Elkarts.

What to write about the fourth year? I feel like everyone in the world has experienced so much along with me.
I feel like these could be some of own personal highlights:

Gabapentin tried to kill me at the end of September and again near the beginning of October. It looked as if I had septic shock, but the docs could find no sources of infection. My blood pressure was so low, I had trouble walking and standing. My temperature was up to 103 F.

Navelbine, right after the Gabapentin did not work at all. I called it the bellybutton medicine when I couldn’t recall the name.

A good thing happened. I was accepted to the February 2020 Inheritance of Hope before the big closedown. They took us to Orlando for Disney and Universal. We had support groups for the boys and Gabriel & me. It was an amazing experience and you can read about in a few past post in February.

I met a “healer.” I call her the chicken lady. You should read her post here. There is a lot of crazy to write on this subject.

Around mid-March/April, I started having trouble with scintillating scotoma. Then I had issues with aphasia. The two of them led to scans that led to whole brain radiation. That was really difficult.

The last on the list of highlights would be my heart. The Herceptin has caused it to from about 50% to 40%. I will be doing a future test for that.

I’ve met a lot of new people and I have lost a lot of old and new friends. The year became weird with Covid-19. I wish all of you good health.

As always,
fuck you, cancer.

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2 thoughts on “The Fourth Anniversary

  1. Brandee Kandle on said:

    Dang it, I can’t get WordPress to let me comment. I read the naturopath story and holeeeee shit man!!!! Please tell me who that is?! What an unbelievably stressful experience for you and your MIL. Some “healer”, geez. Also I’ve done coffee enemas and you’re smart to pass 😂

    Thinking of you and hoping your new treatments give you back your pretty liver 💜 Brandee

    Sent from my iPhone



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