Fox and Broom

A mom's adventures in keeping healthy, keeping her sanity, and making stuff.


I am a gypsy. Hurm. My husband and I are gypsies. We move more often than any sane person should. I have traveled the length and width of the US. A lot. Florida seems to be our vortex. We escaped the Vortex (again) in early 2008 and have made WA state our current residence.

I do not live in or anywhere near Seattle. Just wanted to make that clear. It is a desert where I live. Really. No rain for extended periods of time. Definitely not Seattle.

My family is awesome. I have and eight-year-old son who will rule the world some day. Or maybe the universe. He is still considering his options. His younger brothers will most likely assist him. My hubby is level-headed, a nerd, an adventurer, and keeps me out of trouble. Mostly.

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