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I had 22 hits on the 10th. That is the most visitors in a day ever! I have no idea what brought all those eyes to my blog. They all just seemed to browse my home page and were referred from only 2 other websites. Which I find suspect. The referring websites always seem to be weird. Every once in a while a referring website will be something I recognize. Like the WordPress category pages – you can search for blogs using certain category/tag words. Most (like the ones from the 10th) had weird url’s that I would not normally think were even safe to click on. I did click on them out of┬ácuriosity. One went nowhere and the other one did have a list of random blogs (I think they were blogs anyway).


Sammi seems to be trying harder to keep his head up. I am so pleased by this. He still has trouble lifting his head when he is on his tummy, but he does try to look at toys when I rattle them. This is more action than I had seen previously during tummy time. I do hope that the problem is just weak muscles, but I do have to say that if the problem does turn out to be something more severe, we will work through it. Or with it. We will work with Sammi.

I do get a little frustrated that his development has slowed. I can hardly wait to use our new jogger and a part of me is a bit afraid that we won’t be able to that for longer than anticipated. I also wonder about things like will I have to wait longer to feed him solids? Will his walking be impaired?

Then I give myself a mental slap.

He is only 5 months old (as of yesterday) and he won’t be able to do those things anyway for at least 2 + months. Just work with today. Enjoy today.

When I remember that, I really do feel less stressed and I think I remember to enjoy being a mom.


Yikes. Way behind on updating.

I have put off my exercise schedule for the time being. I need to concentrate more on my baby boy than on keeping a schedule. I will get exercise in as I can, but I will not stress about it. I will continue with a running regime once he can hold his head better. As it is, we need to work with him to get him to the head holding milestone. We have had to take him to Seattle for therapist appointments and I have started to have therapists come to my house. So far, it just appears that his neck muscles are weak and need to be worked on. So, much more tummy time and various other exercises to work on those neck muscles. He hates it, but there is already improvement. I got a picture of him the other day doing his first “baby push-ups.” It is a fuzzy pic, but you can still see what he is doing.

I am hoping he will be caught up to his milestone markers by the time we go to Minnesota at the end of June. That way I will not have to lug around the baby seat in the airport. I would like to use a smaller stroller. The thought of having to lug around a lot in airports with 2 kids makes my hands sweaty.

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