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One Year Ago

One year ago, I had my most wonderful little gift. My 6 lb 2 oz Maximilian. His birth was incredibly traumatic. I still only have still images in my head during that whole thing.

He is now a very opinionated almost-toddler. We celebrated his birthday on the 18th with friends.

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I love you so much, Mr. Max.


My son is 2 years old today! We had a Jacksonville party this past Saturday and I will be having a smaller gathering in Gainesville this upcoming Saturday. Exciting stuff!
Trask and I gave him a funny little googlie-eyed puppet that he has named Doot Doot. It is the first of his toys that he has given a name to on his own.
He really got a lot of cool toys and clothes.
I also got a tattoo for his birthday. It is my representation of Solomon. Thanks to Abby, who sketched it out, and to Chad, who did the needle work. Abigail spent about 3 months drawing it up for. I probably drove her nuts with "put some of this in there" and "try this kind of thing" and "oh wait – take that back out of there". It took about 2 1/2 hours to put it on me and I do need to go back in about 3 weeks for touch-up and some more color. If I can remember how to add a picture, you will be able to view it in this blog. More pictures will be forthcoming also – I have about 200 pics that I need to go through and upload.

 Yay! I remembered how to do it! 

It’s getting to be that time of year again.

My little guy is about to turn 2. I am in the planning stages for possibly 2 parties. One in Gainesville and one in Jax. I have updated his gift list with the correct sizes. I am quite aware that most people will have no trouble finding toys etc, so I have not really included any of those other than a few DVD’s.

Sol’s Birthday

For some reason I just posted the birthday pics, but never wrote anything about it. lol.
We had a very nice small party. Sol was spoiled of course…. and yet his new favorite toy this week is an old huge ruler…. go figure.
The cake was GIGANTIC. I thought it was going to be much much smaller lol. Sol was so funny with it. He really didn’t know what to make of it at first. He started to dig in once we gave him a spoon though. He actually didn’t eat as much as it looks like in the pictures. He was having more fun mashing the icing I think. We almost threw out the spoon cuz it was so covered in icing that it blended in with the top of the cake.
We have installed his big-boy carseat and he seems MUCH happier with it. He likes being able to look out the windows and at us.

It’s almost time….

I can’t believe Sol is almost a year…. I just don’t know where the time went, but I have tons of pictures to see what has happend this past year. We are having his party on Saturday. I am picking up his cake tomorrow at the grocery store. The cake is $65…. never thought I would be happy to spend that kind of money on a cake lol.

Birthday Invites!

I am getting ready to send out invites for Sol’s first birthday. We are going to be trying to keep it rather small. Try to… I seem to have a growing list of people who would like to come. Hehe. I think I will pick out the invites tomorrow. Yay!

Happy Birthday!!!

To my husband! He hates making a "thing" out of his birthday, but I love to celebrate birthdays.

Sol’s Upcoming FIRST Birthday

I thought it would be a good idea to start a list of things that Sol could use for his birthday. I am astonished at how fast this year went by…. I will be creating a list that will be at the top of the page, near the photo albums and will be adding things to this as his birthday comes closer. I am not going to include toys as I know CERTAIN people have absolutely no problems with finding toys for him.  
  • 18 month size clothing
  • "Big Big World" merchandise – he is really fascinated with that show. I think it is pretty new, so merchandise may not be out yet.
  • This is going to be really weird: Rosanne Barr’s new kids video. We saw a sample of it and it really made him grin.
  • Veggie Tales Silly Songs (dvd or cd) – I think the full name is something like "Silly Songs with Larry"
  • Picture frames
  • Books. We all love books.

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