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Tummy Troubles

I am totally ready for my tummy to be back to normal. Thursday at about 4:30 am, I started yakking up uncontrollably. TMI. It sucked. I was also up at that time with baby and didn’t have time to put him down and run to the bathroom. So I held him while I hugged the porcelain god. Thankfully, the hubby woke up and took him from me. It was a miserable day. Water wouldn’t even stay down. I was starving and super thirsty by the time I could finally get a few sips to stay down.

It is now Saturday night and I still have very little appetite and the tummy is still twisting ominously. I made Chex mix in hopes that might spark something. It is one of my favorite snacks… But no. The smell totally turns me off right now.

And, before you ask, I am not pregnant. I’m actually pretty sure this is food poisoning. Yay!

A few ideas for future postings.

I haven’t been blogging much. In case you haven’t noticed. I have hardly been on my main computer at all in weeks. The curse of a tablet. The bad thing about a tablet is that it seriously sucks trying to type on that thing. Thus, I will not blog from it. So, I am writing down a few things I really do hope to get started on here.

  • Eating healthy on a budget. It can happen. I have done it and I need to be better about it.
  • Operation Vacation. I want to look awesome for my trip this upcoming August. YOU can help me achieve that. A blog will be written on this later.
  • Tutorials? Maybe. I have enough going on without needing to load more expectations on me. I may come up with a few jewelry-making or sewing/tutu tutorials next year.

I will be starting a page on healthy eating after this has been posted.

Monday Stressers

Why does Monday have to be so awful? Even if you don’t work a Monday – Friday type of job, it is an awful day. It started out pretty nicely: my son found the money from the Tooth Fairy. He lost his tooth on Sunday on our drive back from Oregon. Sammi woke up mostly happy, if a bit groggy and stuffed up. Everyone was fed and ready to go by 8. Papa (my father-in-law) drove Sol to the bus stop as it was very cold out. I got Sammi ready to head out for his occupational therapy. I get to my car and realize that I have no car seat. It was still in Gabe’s car and he was at work. The extra car seat was in my in-laws’ van and Papa had taken that to the bus stop.

Papa drove the van home as soon as the bus came and I headed out 20 minutes later than I should have. I arrive for my appointment 15 minutes late. Then I am told that I was supposed to have gone to the other location. Frak! I had asked the scheduler TWICE about the location. She assured me TWICE that it was the one I drove to. I wrote it down. I had asked her twice because Mondays are usually at the other location. However, the therapist is getting ready to go on maternity leave and I thought she might be having me meet with one of the other therapists who will be taking over from her. Grrr. It was as if the Universe was against me going to that appointment.
Then I drowned my frustration in a mocha and got a cheeseburger from McDonald’s for lunch. Not the best response, but it made me feel better. I will be running tomorrow.

I also bought more patterns from Hobby Lobby. Shhh. Don’t tell the husband. At least I held off from buying more fabric.

Yesterday, my oldest lost his FIRST TOOTH! It was exciting and fun. He actually became embarrassed by all of the attention. It happened on the drive back from our Oregon trip. I was in a different car, so didn’t even know about until he walked in the door. With a tissue in his mouth. Also, did you know that losing a tooth makes you limp? Hah! I couldn’t help it. I laughed. I am a terrible mommy.

I also realized that as of Saturday, my husband and I have been together for 18 years. Holy cow. I was only 17 and he was 16 when we started dating. Kudos to us.

Just Call Me Narcissus

I just realized today how focused on ME I have been in my latest blogs. So, I wanted to dedicate at least one to my boys.

Sol is doing pretty well in school, as far as I can tell. We will find out more at the dreaded parent/teacher conference in a couple of weeks. I am a little worried about his math comprehension. He does well on his math homework, but we do have to prompt him to really look at the question. His math test scores are all pretty low. His reading level seems to be really high. He’s been reading to us before bed the past couple of weeks. I think that is pretty neat.
He is slowly getting over the dog thing. Sort of. We missed going to the shelter 2 weeks in a row due to yucky weather. I took him last week and it was almost like starting over again. It wasn’t as bad as the very first time. We (I) walked an Australian Shepherd puppy. Such a beautiful boy. He was so sweet and well-mannered. Sammi and I fell on this walk… I still feel horrible about that. I nearly killed myself trying to make sure I didn’t squish Sam (I was carrying him in a wrap). He still hit his head on the rocks. Alpha Romero, the dog, became very concerned about us. He circled me once, then snuggled up in my lap and licked Sammi. I nearly took him home after that. I would have if we weren’t renting…

Sammi has restarted his occupational therapy sessions. The clinic and the insurance company are having communication issues regarding payment for his therapy. I finally got tired of it and yelled at the poor customer service lady with the insurance company. I almost feel bad for her, but not really. I did actually tell her to shut up once when she was trying to calm me down. I think my whole neighborhood now knows precisely what I think of my insurance company. She straightened it out for me. Now I need to yell at someone at the clinic.
Anyway, he is improving, but is still behind. He can do the commando crawl, but can not get into a seated position from crawling. I’ve been working on this with him. The therapist also wants him to begin actually crawling on all fours. We are starting this by having him play while sitting back on his legs. Like in Hero Pose:

This type of work will strengthen his legs and move the proper muscles that need to start moving for walking. Crawling on all fours will also help with this and strengthen his upper body and arm muscles. It is a lot of work, but we are seeing results and that is encouraging.

Sammi has started to grasp sign language. I fell off being so diligent about it and started this week to show him signs again. He will now do the sign for “more” and “done.” He is now ALWAYS asking for more. The boy is not even one and is already a bottomless pit.


That is what I need to start saying to myself: “stop.” I have been crazy eating lately. I don’t even realize it until it is already too late. What the frak is going on??? I think it is stress eating, but it is still so unlike myself. I mean, I have eaten poorly in the past, but not like this where I don’t even know that I am doing it. I am going to need to start making a menu again. This is ridiculous. I need to run tomorrow/today… on Friday. I really need to get to sleep. G’night.

Annnd she’s off!

I started up on the C25K program again today. It felt great. It also hurt lol. I am terribly out-of-shape. I am working on it. I will be doing the machine thingies and yoga at the gym tomorrow (er I guess today since I have once again stayed up too late). I have subscribed to Tight Bod With A Pod and Run Like A Mother on Facebook. One of them said that a goal for today would be to push harder for a portion of my run. So I did. Since I started over on the C25K program, I pushed harder on one of my 60 second runs. And I could feel it immediately. I think I need to do that every time I run. I am so slow… maybe it will help to up my speed.

Today I ran 1 2/3 miles. Not the greatest, but not terrible either.

I will be making two more new vegetarian recipes tomorrow for dinner. I still have to post two others that I made two weeks ago. I slacked last week on that. I don’t know what happened to last week. I pretty much got absolutely nothing accomplished. My oldest had a fever early in the week, maybe it was a slight bug that pulled me down a bit or something. I know that we have eaten out way more than we should lately. I will be going grocery shopping tomorrow, so maybe I can put a stop to that.


I had 22 hits on the 10th. That is the most visitors in a day ever! I have no idea what brought all those eyes to my blog. They all just seemed to browse my home page and were referred from only 2 other websites. Which I find suspect. The referring websites always seem to be weird. Every once in a while a referring website will be something I recognize. Like the WordPress category pages – you can search for blogs using certain category/tag words. Most (like the ones from the 10th) had weird url’s that I would not normally think were even safe to click on. I did click on them out of curiosity. One went nowhere and the other one did have a list of random blogs (I think they were blogs anyway).


Sammi seems to be trying harder to keep his head up. I am so pleased by this. He still has trouble lifting his head when he is on his tummy, but he does try to look at toys when I rattle them. This is more action than I had seen previously during tummy time. I do hope that the problem is just weak muscles, but I do have to say that if the problem does turn out to be something more severe, we will work through it. Or with it. We will work with Sammi.

I do get a little frustrated that his development has slowed. I can hardly wait to use our new jogger and a part of me is a bit afraid that we won’t be able to that for longer than anticipated. I also wonder about things like will I have to wait longer to feed him solids? Will his walking be impaired?

Then I give myself a mental slap.

He is only 5 months old (as of yesterday) and he won’t be able to do those things anyway for at least 2 + months. Just work with today. Enjoy today.

When I remember that, I really do feel less stressed and I think I remember to enjoy being a mom.


I am adding more pictures. I had no pictures of Sol’s 3rd birthday party (my camera was full), but was able to get some pics from a friend who was there.
I will also be adding pictures of other things. Our first cabin camping trip and tent camping trip. Sol had a blast at both. He rode an ATV (with "Grandpa" Ron) and I got a cute video of him pretending to ride one. I need to find a new video host as I have disconnected from my old one.
Sol had his very own tent for tent camping. He’s not spoiled at all. He did very well for that. Better than I had expected. We went swimming in Lake Pend O’reille. I think I spelled that right. It was very very very very cold. So of course I did the crazy thing and swam across Beaver Bay 3 times. I think I was fascinated by how my body was affected by the extreme cold. It was hard to breathe and I couldn’t feel my arms very well. At least I was surrounded by fellow idiots.
My little brother got married last weekend. Sol was the ring bearer and I was a bridesmaid. I started coughing during the ceremony and could not stop. I will forever be known as the dying bridesmaid… However, Sol was adorable. I wasn’t able to take pictures of him going up the aisle as I was behind him, but he had to stop and pose for every camera he saw. There were a lot of cameras. I will have no problem procuring pics of him later.
Sol is currently staying with his granparents in FL. He seems to be having a lot of fun. I miss the little booger. He will be flying back to WA on the 20th with his Nana Bobi. I can’t wait to see him (and Bobi).

Updating Pictures

I am adding in more of Sol’s pics. We finally emptied our camera and I am finally getting around to updating my pictures.

Recipes ‘n stuff

I have made a list of some pumpkin recipes. Someone asked me for some good ones, so thought I would just share my favorites with everyone.
People always ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas. I never know what I want when people ask me, so I started making a wishlist. I will be updating it as I think of things or happen to buy/receive any of the listed items. I will also be putting up Solomon’s list again soon. I need to edit it and update it first.

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