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It has been a while since I have updated this thing.
Trask now has a job with his stepfather. So, he and Sol moved up to Jax while I am trying to hurry time along so this semester in school will be over and I can join them. We have a pretty nice apartment set up there and I am itching to be able to decorate it.
We are not sure what to do with the house yet, but we are considering renting it out. If the market evens out this summer, as I was told it may, we might consider getting it on the market. I am hoping we can find some decent tenants. I just have a lot of renovations that I would like to attempt. Well, I should say minor renovations: painting, replacing bathroom fixtures, putting in new faucets. I don’t have any near future plans to change the floor plan or anything like that. For now.
Sol also recently contracted pink eye and has an ear infection. He seems to be a lot better now though. I, on the other hand, have grown increasingly paranoid about my own eyes…

Keepin’ up.

It’s been forever since I wrote anything on this site, so just wanted to let everyone know what’s been goin’ on.
Trask, Sol and I went out to Washington to spend the holidays with family out that way. I got some great pics that I will be uploading sometime soon. Sol got to see his first snow, although it wasn’t much and melted by the following day. It was a lot of fun to introduce him to friends and relatives who had not yet met him. He got along really well with his cousins.
Trask may have a possible job offer back that way. They may fly him out there in February for a face-to-face interview. It was a shame they didn’t contact us when we were there, but we had looked at possible houses just in case one of the companies out there showed interest.
Trask has also recieved some interest from a company located on Long Island. Looks like we will most likely traveling sometime this year. Just not sure which way, yet.
I have also started my final semester of community college. Yay! It’s keeping me super busy. I have reports due at least twice a week, plus tons of reading.
I am also going to be moving the majority of my photos to an account at Ringo. I will post the link later. You will be able to actually order prints through Ringo at (what seems to be) a fairly reasonable price. I believe it was .10 per print. I do not know what the shipping cost is though.


In less than a week, Abigail will be moving to Jacksonville. I am sooo happy she will be so much closer. She has also asked us to watch Zan for a few days so she can work and find a daycare for him. I think this will be an interesting adventure. Sol and Zan met once before when Sol was just a couple of months old. It will be neat to see how he reacts to having an older "brother" around. I just hope I don’t run myself completely ragged chasing after the 2 of them. I’m thinking about bribing Zan – maybe a few dollars to help out with housework and a few more to do a lesson or 2…. Abby had told me he was learning all sorts of neat things at his previous school. Like colors and things like that.
Abby is moving into a 1 bedroom, so I am also thinking about making him a little teepee. I actually found the pattern for one a while ago and bought it with Sol in mind, but I think Zan might appreciate having his own little "room". I think I will also make the little sleeping mat that is in the pattern.
Not much else is going on. I got to cruise around Jax on Saturday with Abby in a red convertible. We were definitely stylin’. Guys kept trying to impress us with their loud music and we were even serenaded by a very young Latino boy. He was at least 16 since he was driving. It was a good day.
She found the perfect place for her and Zan. Close to her work and close to a few schools. Close to my in-laws too.

Caught between a screen and a glass.

Trask found this crawling under the screen in our bedroom window one fine August day:
Just wanted to share.

How very odd….

I swear I had posted a blog a little over a week ago… but it seems to have disappeared. Oh well.
I wish to let everyone know that my eye seems to be stabilizing. The docs have me on steroid drops for only 4 weeks, then it looks like I will be getting some new glasses. They are very hopeful that I will not need to look at a corneal transplant. Yay! I think I have had quite enough of sharp objects near my eyes… 5 eye scrapings is more than anyone should have in one lifetime. Nothing ever did grow from the cultures they made of my eye scrapings either…

Sol has become quite the little imp lol. He now knows the word "no" and says it when he is doing something he knows he shouldn’t be doing. Haha. It’s really hard to scold someone when you are laughing at them, by the way.
Grandma Jan got him a tricycle. It has a handle on it so I can push him around in it. Unfortunately, he prefers to push it himself. I guess he gets bored in the seat or something. The handle bars interest him for a little bit, but I also have control of them lol. I do let him "drive" sometimes, but we always wind up in the bushes. Or doing doughnuts.
I think that I have finally gotten his room just the way I want it to be. I walk in there now and it really feels like a child’s room. It had just felt like a room storing a bunch of children’s stuff in it before. Amazing what a little rearranging can do.

Big News!
Sol has his first haircut on September 2. I took a lot of pics and will post them soon. Danielle was so good with him. I actually went to school with Danielle, AND worked with her and her brother at Winn Dixie a hundred years ago. I always thought she had good sensibilities about fashion and hair, so was very pleased to see that she owned her own salon in town.
Anyway, I knew I had posted a blog earlier… I recall typing all of this down once before. So odd.

Some page changes

MSN has decided to change our URL’s again. It is now:  I wish they would make up their minds lol. They have also put the picture menu back up, which is a relief. I had to keep telling people to click on the album title. So far I think that is it.

I put up a link to Solomon videos!! It is just below his stats on the left side panel. So far I have only been able to upload one video, but I will add more links to the list as I get more uploaded.


I know it’s been awhile since I posted up some new pics. I need to get more batteries for my camera so it will have enough juice to stay on long enough to let me download them….
Sol just got over having a cold…. I felt so bad for him. Then I caught it too. Hehe. So we were both sneezing and coughing for a few days together.
Not much else. Have been working on my taxes, so brain is now melting…..

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