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Long Overdue Update

It’s been a while since I posted anything. My goal was to post at least one thing per week. Life has other plans.

Anyway, I had been dealing with sickness in the house. Some sort of tummy bug has been bugging my boys. Nothing serious, just some potty issues. I have been feeling nauseous, myself, and just put it down to a mutant strain of whatever the boys were dealing with. . . Not quite the case:

Looks like I am going to be even busier than usual. And dealing with constant nausea to top it off. I am also aware this is really really early to announce something like this, but my husband was having trouble keeping it to himself. So, after sending this video out to all the relatives, I gave him permission to flap his jaw to his heart’s content.


Update: I have deleted the video. I was very proud of it, but I needed to take it down for personal reasons.

Baby Shower

I had my baby shower yesterday. It was fun and really very exhausting. Then again, a lot of things are very exhausting for me lately. My friends, Genn and Kim and my mother-in-law, Bobi, really outdid themselves. Everything was beautiful and delicious. Even though I unknowingly gave them quite a few challenges. Heh. They had to go with neutral colors since I do not know if we are having a boy or a girl. I also told them that I was looking for owl-related items for the baby. I didn’t realize this would be the theme of the party. Cutesy owl decorations are pretty hard to find. Genn’s 13-year-old daughter made my cake:

I think it is a pretty amazing cake. She made the top layer with Splenda instead of sugar, so I would also be able to enjoy it with only a little guilt at the carb intake. She based the owls on the owls that had been used for the invitations. She is so incredibly talented. I really think that she has found her calling as a pastry chef and I believe she will do very well in that field.

The fruit platters were also incredible. They were created by my mother-in-law:

I received a ton of wonderful gifts and gift cards. There are only a few more items that I really need which I did not receive. The hubby and I are pleased and touched by our friends’ and family’s generosity.

Busy Busy Summertime

The docs gave me the all-clear to start doing active stuff again back in the beginning of June. So I have been. I’ve gone camping three times, flew to Nebraska for a family reunion, then drove up to Minnesota to see other family and friends. I have been home for four days since our Minnesota trip. I will post a few pictures from our adventures.

I have also been making sure I get some exercise everyday. Mostly walking, although I have started to get some more gardening in now that the temps are under 100. I hiked up Badger Mtn today with my boy. We only made it halfway, but that is still a pretty big hike for a 5-year-old. Too bad he threw a temper tantrum right after that. It had started out to be a great day. He’s been grounded to his room for the day… effectively grounding me to the house as well. My husband and I had planned on getting registered today, but we will just have to do that tomorrow.

The baby has moved a lot more. Or, I can feel the baby moving a lot more. I know the baby has been moving a lot already as I saw from my first ultrasound when he/she was swimming all over the place like a little fish.

Camping in N. Idaho on Uncle Ron’s property:

Camping at Camp Farragut in N. Idaho:

Camping at Hause Creek:

I will have to post the travel pictures later. These took me longer to get on here than I thought and I have to bake pies for another family reunion tomorrow. Ciao!

Overdue for an update.

All has been going very well. My doc was pleased at my last appointment and gave me the go-ahead to continue with my weekly hiking trip up a small mountain here in town. I was very happy about that. It is one of those things that I really look forward to. The hike is about 5 miles and somewhat steadily uphill with a few steeper hikes added in here and there. I love the view from the top.

Baby has been moving a lot lately. Gabe even felt him/her a couple of days ago. It reminded me of the first time he felt Sol kick through my belly. In just a little bit I will be able to play with the baby with an ice-cube. The books say I could play with the baby with a flashlight now, but something about that seems a little harsh to me. As if extreme cold isn’t…

Sol is in FL with the grandparents, and is, of course, sick. My poor baby. He seems to get ill every time he goes there without us. I really miss my little guy and wish I could cuddle with him til he feels better.

Pregnant in the woods.

I have discovered camping while pregnant is not exactly comfortable. I can normally sleep on anything: hard ground, soft bed, hard bed, lumpy mattress, egg carton on the floor, etc. Discovering that I can not do this was a little bit of a surprise. I know I should not have been surprised. After all, I am definitely at the point where I can only sleep somewhat comfortably on my side.

Other than the sleeping, our camping trip was tons of fun. I am looking forward to more trips this summer.

Tummy Flutters

I’ve been feeling little flutters lately and REALLY started feeling them today 🙂 This is my favorite part of pregnancy. I can’t wait until I can start to actually see the baby moving. With my son, I used to come home from work, prop up my legs on a bunch of pillows, pull my shirt over my belly, and watch the ripples. It was pretty good entertainment for at least an hour.

Writing this blog made me start to think about the good things about being pregnant. A lot of people dwell on the terrible things and the horror stories of giving birth. I think people should remember the good things too. Here are 10 of my favorite things (in no particular order):

1. Tummy Flutters (as mentioned above)
2. Watching the ripples (also mentioned above)
3. People are more willing to do things for you – vacuuming, moving furniture, yard work
4. Using the belly as a table and no one thinks twice about it.
5. Researching names and their meanings.
6. Window shopping for baby clothes and toys.
7. Getting a space ready for the new addition.
8. Filling in a baby book.
9. A good report on the ultrasound.
10. Holding that little baby as soon as she/he comes into this world.

I figured I would write these down now, so I can look back at them when I start to complain about my swelling feet, itchy stretch marks, and that darn baby weight that refuses to come off after the baby is born 😉

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