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The comment that turned into a post.

This stated out as a comment on an article posted by one of my favorite blogs, Birth Without Fear. it turned into a full blown rant that deserved its own blog posting. Links will be added later when I am not on my iPad.

Most of you won’t care about this. I have found myself becoming a birthing advocate. Our country has a shameful C-section rate (approximately 30%, with one of our local hospitals, Kadlec, averaging ABOVE the national rate). Some of these are elective, and that is the parents’ choice. Some are true emergencies. Some BECAME emergencies due to what is known as the snowball effect (doctor insists on an induction – “baby is too big,” “you are two days past your due date,” “some other excuse.” Being induced is the absolutely worst pain I have ever experienced. And I have had my eyeball scraped with a razor blade. Which is also excruciating. spending two hours getting my tat felt like heaven compared to that. Being induced tends to lead to an epidural. Because it is the worst pain imaginable. Now… We have a few things that can happen at this point. I was lucky in that my body and my two older boys came through fine. What I found out later was that the pitocin can cause the baby to go into distress mode, leading to meconium in the amniotic fluid, leading to a rush into the operating room.

C-sections have become so mainstream that we don’t think of them as dangerous. They are an invasive surgery and usually take three times longer for recovery. Oh, the US is also a leader in infant and maternal death. go us. not sure what the stats are on this in relation to C-sections, but I think that would be an interesting stat to look into. There are a few theories out there as to why American docs seem so set on inducing: money from big pharma, vacation dates, even golf tee times have been thrown out there. I can’t answer that one. I do know that the second time I was induced, the doc was definitely in a hurry for baby to come (I was told it was for my health and that the baby was going to be big. Sammi was 7 lbs, 4 oz).
Don’t get me wrong, I am not against doctors. I have simply come to believe that a doctor is someone you see when you are sick. Pregnancy is not an illness. Now, some women have high risk pregnancies and should definitely be in the care of a doctor. And yes, sometimes there are complications that can arise during a natural birth that will lead to a trip to the hospital. A good midwife would actually be capable of handling most minor emergencies. In fact, a midwife is required to have an incredible birth kit.
After experiencing my own natural birth and how different labor was without pitocin, I definitely believe a midwife should be on a list of options for every pregnant woman. Or at least a supportive, natural hospital birth (I’ve known a few moms who had a natural hospital birth, yet was not fully supported in that decision by their doctors).
So, to end my rant, The Barefoot Bus is an awesome idea. I love it and the idea behind it. Every woman should have more than one option available to her for her birthing needs and desires.

Monday Stressers

Why does Monday have to be so awful? Even if you don’t work a Monday – Friday type of job, it is an awful day. It started out pretty nicely: my son found the money from the Tooth Fairy. He lost his tooth on Sunday on our drive back from Oregon. Sammi woke up mostly happy, if a bit groggy and stuffed up. Everyone was fed and ready to go by 8. Papa (my father-in-law) drove Sol to the bus stop as it was very cold out. I got Sammi ready to head out for his occupational therapy. I get to my car and realize that I have no car seat. It was still in Gabe’s car and he was at work. The extra car seat was in my in-laws’ van and Papa had taken that to the bus stop.

Papa drove the van home as soon as the bus came and I headed out 20 minutes later than I should have. I arrive for my appointment 15 minutes late. Then I am told that I was supposed to have gone to the other location. Frak! I had asked the scheduler TWICE about the location. She assured me TWICE that it was the one I drove to. I wrote it down. I had asked her twice because Mondays are usually at the other location. However, the therapist is getting ready to go on maternity leave and I thought she might be having me meet with one of the other therapists who will be taking over from her. Grrr. It was as if the Universe was against me going to that appointment.
Then I drowned my frustration in a mocha and got a cheeseburger from McDonald’s for lunch. Not the best response, but it made me feel better. I will be running tomorrow.

I also bought more patterns from Hobby Lobby. Shhh. Don’t tell the husband. At least I held off from buying more fabric.

Yesterday, my oldest lost his FIRST TOOTH! It was exciting and fun. He actually became embarrassed by all of the attention. It happened on the drive back from our Oregon trip. I was in a different car, so didn’t even know about until he walked in the door. With a tissue in his mouth. Also, did you know that losing a tooth makes you limp? Hah! I couldn’t help it. I laughed. I am a terrible mommy.

I also realized that as of Saturday, my husband and I have been together for 18 years. Holy cow. I was only 17 and he was 16 when we started dating. Kudos to us.

My Oven Rant

I haven’t had a working oven in almost a month. A month! Our landlord had ordered one once it became clear that no place in town would be able to fix the old one. It should have been an easy fix, to be honest. It wasn’t our landlord’s fault or the repair folks in town. GE just made a piece of crap oven (JRP28 series) with an obvious problem and no replacement parts. However, this would not be obvious at first glance. I’ve looked this oven up online and at first glance, it has pretty glowing reviews. Then if you look closely, you will notice those reviews are for the seller – not just the product. If you REALLY start to dig around, you will find that the actual product reviews are not so glowing. The biggest complaint involves the wiring in the clock. If the oven gets too hot, the wiring will burn and malfunction. Then it will beep incessantly until you turn the power off in the circuit breaker box. Yes, if the OVEN gets too HOT. WTF. This means that if you cook anything for an extended period of time, you’re screwed. If you try to use your self-cleaner (which is right there on the oven features), you’re screwed. If you cook anything above 450 º F, #you.are.screwed. This is not some cheapo appliance. These ovens average $1500.

Now, a new oven did arrive last Wednesday, buuuut the very nice and competent Sears installers found a few things wrong. The original handyman who had installed all the appliances to begin with obviously had no idea what he was doing. The first problem discovered was that the oven had not been installed properly. The Sears installers barely needed to pull on it to just have it fall out of the wall. This is frightening. My kids are with me in the kitchen on a regular basis. I do a lot of cooking and baking. If my boys had been next to me while I opened the door a little too hard just once… Well yeah. Disaster.
The second thing was that the oven they took out, which also means the oven that had been ordered, were not the correct size for the space. Which means we have to wait even longer as a new one is shipped out. C~, the original handyman, is a bit of an idiot. He has worked on things around this house since we moved in, but we haven’t heard from him since this whole oven fiasco started. He started to fix the siding on the house, but never finished fixing it, and never did paint it.
It is my understanding that he is the one to blame for the purchasing of the appliances in this house. Dumbass. I mean that term for C~ and for the landlord who was willing to trust him. Supposedly he was able to get the appliances at really great prices. I do believe that you get what you pay for. That does not mean pay an arm and a leg for everything. Do a little research first. It takes a little effort, but that will usually pay for itself with a quality product.

Anyway, since we will not have an oven for at least a week or 2 longer, I have started to look at my options:

  • Using my father-in-law’s super awesome grill.
  • Finding some unique solutions.
John, my husband’s stepfather, is currently living with us. He and Bobi have brought along a lot of cool things. One of which is a 5 burner grill. I have been thinking of using the grill to bake bread. My thought is to use the 2 side burners and place a container of water (I think that helps with heat distribution) on the top rack. I would need to figure out how high to let the flame go and balance each burner out so they are putting out the same heat. Should be interesting. I am hoping to try it out tomorrow.
Unique solutions… If I owned this house, I would probably go ahead and build a brick oven in the backyard. But I don’t. However, someone told me about Apple Box Ovens. I am totally in love with this idea. This would be something that we could take camping. The materials are easy to find and not very expensive.
So, I will probably go ahead and try the grill, but I really want to try out an apple box oven too. I think I will bake bread on the grill tomorrow and build the oven on Friday. If I remember, I will write about my results.

Some people don’t deserve to be pet owners.

I am still pretty angry, so this may be a post I might regret later. I think I should get all of this out, now, before I march over to some stranger’s house and vomit-rant all over him/her. My oldest was walking home from the school bus stop when 2 smallish dogs attacked him. They jumped on him hard enough to knock him down and that is where he got most of his injuries. I am pretty pissed. He was already skittish around dogs and I have tried to get him used to them since I would like to get a dog or two sometime in the future. This incident has put us so far back that I am not sure he will ever get used to the idea of a pet puppy.

I took pictures before I bandaged him up, spoke to an officer, and spoke to animal control. Pretty much the only thing they could do was to issue a ticket and look into the possibility of confiscating the dogs. If the dogs were bigger, it would be criminal charges. I still don’t think the owners deserve dogs. Small dogs can fierce. Two small dogs can be scary together.

I am thankful I have such good neighbors. My next door neighbor saw what was happening and beat the dogs off with a big stick. Another neighbor walked him home.




There were a few other pictures, but these really showed what happened. The top two were the worst. The second owie actually made me wonder if he had been bitten – there was a scrape that was deeper in the middle of that mess, but I was assured that it was just a scrape, not a bite.

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