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Just Call Me Narcissus

I just realized today how focused on ME I have been in my latest blogs. So, I wanted to dedicate at least one to my boys.

Sol is doing pretty well in school, as far as I can tell. We will find out more at the dreaded parent/teacher conference in a couple of weeks. I am a little worried about his math comprehension. He does well on his math homework, but we do have to prompt him to really look at the question. His math test scores are all pretty low. His reading level seems to be really high. He’s been reading to us before bed the past couple of weeks. I think that is pretty neat.
He is slowly getting over the dog thing. Sort of. We missed going to the shelter 2 weeks in a row due to yucky weather. I took him last week and it was almost like starting over again. It wasn’t as bad as the very first time. We (I) walked an Australian Shepherd puppy. Such a beautiful boy. He was so sweet and well-mannered. Sammi and I fell on this walk… I still feel horrible about that. I nearly killed myself trying to make sure I didn’t squish Sam (I was carrying him in a wrap). He still hit his head on the rocks. Alpha Romero, the dog, became very concerned about us. He circled me once, then snuggled up in my lap and licked Sammi. I nearly took him home after that. I would have if we weren’t renting…

Sammi has restarted his occupational therapy sessions. The clinic and the insurance company are having communication issues regarding payment for his therapy. I finally got tired of it and yelled at the poor customer service lady with the insurance company. I almost feel bad for her, but not really. I did actually tell her to shut up once when she was trying to calm me down. I think my whole neighborhood now knows precisely what I think of my insurance company. She straightened it out for me. Now I need to yell at someone at the clinic.
Anyway, he is improving, but is still behind. He can do the commando crawl, but can not get into a seated position from crawling. I’ve been working on this with him. The therapist also wants him to begin actually crawling on all fours. We are starting this by having him play while sitting back on his legs. Like in Hero Pose:

This type of work will strengthen his legs and move the proper muscles that need to start moving for walking. Crawling on all fours will also help with this and strengthen his upper body and arm muscles. It is a lot of work, but we are seeing results and that is encouraging.

Sammi has started to grasp sign language. I fell off being so diligent about it and started this week to show him signs again. He will now do the sign for “more” and “done.” He is now ALWAYS asking for more. The boy is not even one and is already a bottomless pit.

The Magic Word.

According to Sol, the magic word is Nana.
So many things now make sense.


Grandma Jan treated Solomon and I to the Magic Kingdom the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Well, actually she treated me as Solomon was free for being under 3 years of age. Yay!
He seemed to really have a blast. He had such a curiosity about pretty much everything and was also so calm about everything. He loved the train ride around the park and did VERY well on all of the rides, except for the ferry boat ride that goes around Tom Sawyer’s Island. He seemed to get the idea of lines pretty quickly and did not try to get ahead of the people in front of us. This is a very important lesson for children to learn if they go to any form of large amusement park. At least I know that I have been severely annoyed by children running rampant through lines in the past.
Trask and I will probably take him again in October sometime. I really want to take him on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
Pictures shall be posted as soon as I can get them uploaded.

What adventures we may find!

Solomon has finally discovered how to climb out of his crib. I knew it was coming, I guess. It still seems a bit unexpected.
I have not had the chance to see him climb out, yet. He just started after I left Jax last weekend. Trask has told me that he will hear Sol crying or talking for a bit, then a THUNK, a quick cry, talking, then he will open the door to his bedroom and go off in search of Mommy or Daddy or possibly just to see what there is to see.
He was super sick last week. I was up in Jax almost the whole week due to Spring Break and pretty much spent the whole time cleaning up vomit and changing diapers. Well, he only puked for about a day, but I had a ton of diaper changes to do for about 3 of the 5 days I was there. He’s doing much better now and is eating like a teenager. I suspect he will be twice as big when I see him this weekend as when he was last weekend. I feel like I am missing out on so much. I see him every week, but it doesn’t feel like it is enough.

LOTS of new photos!

There are new photos all over the place! Check out the Family & Friends album to see the ever adorable Hannah. She just turned one on October 17. There are new pics in the new albums "More 1 Year", "Wildlife", and "First Haircut".
We met Hannah for the first time on Saturday, October 21. She is the daughter of Rob and Linda, whom we met in WA. They recently moved to Florida, and were able to come and visit with us. Little Hannah is very tall (she is almost as tall as Sol, who is 6 months and 1 day older than her) and willowy. I think she may grow into a very graceful young lady.

Some Updates

I just realized that it has been awhile since I have really posted anything about Sol. He’s still amazing hehe. He has finally started to nod yes and no to questions. However, he does know how to say the word no also. He usually says it really fast and in repitition and does what I have termed "the no-no dance". Someday I will have to get it on video…
It is so neat to see him respond to what I say to him now. He still doesn’t say much, himself, but he DEFINITELY understands every word I say. He will now go and pick up stuffed animals if I ask him to bring them to me. Same thing with his sippy cup. He knows when I am just being silly with words and laughs at me.

The mighty St. Augustine Segway herds.

I took Sol up to his grandparents yesterday.
On our way to Grandma Jan’s, I stopped in St. Augustine to have some fun time with him. I bought Trolley Tour tickets so we could ride around. He really seemed to enjoy the trolley ride for the most part. At least until he got hungry. Anyway, on our tour I saw a herd of people riding on segways.

I actually had to look 3 times at these people before it finally clicked that they were doing a tour of the town on segways. It looked very odd, yet fun.

Dropping Sol off was really hard this time. I had taken him up to my mom’s apartment and was going to leave him for a moment to grab the rest of his stuff. He saw me going to the door and immediately got this downcast look. His lip started quivering and he just put his head down to his chest and whimpered. It was awful. So when I really did have to leave, my mom just started walking him to the beach. I felt like I really didn’t get to say good-bye to him, but he knows that I love him and we (Trask and I) have talked to him a few times on the phone today.

After I had dropped him off, I went to the Jo-Ann Fabrics in Jax. For some reason fabric and patterns cheer me up. So I browsed through the patterns, found a few that I liked, and went back out to my car. Once I got into my car, I attempted to look out the windshield. It was almost completely covered in ants. At least they were outside this time. I think they may have been eating the love bug corpses that were all over the front of my car. Here is a picture of love bugs for you northerners:

That is seriously all they live for. They don’t even eat anything. They also have no known enemies. Apparantly they taste really awful to birds and most other insect eaters. They don’t have stingers, they don’t bite. They just fly around, stuck together, so they can make more of them. Most of them seem to wind up stuck to the fronts of cars.


A baby’s love….

I seem to have acquired a rather painful, nasty eye infection. My doctors are still uncertain as to whether it is bacterial or fungal, so am treating for both of those (which means lots of eye drops). They did scrape my eyeball Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday last week in order to get pieces of my ulcer thing to grow cultures with. We had also made the decision to send Sol up to Grandma and Grandpa’s place for the week. I hated to do it, but could think of no other alternative. We were going to have to be putting eyedrops in every half hour around the clock and I had pretty long doctor’s visits. None of this would have been fair to Sol.
He was pretty mad at us at first (when we were able to get up there last Friday). He seemed to understand that something was wrong with my eye though. He would come to visit me while I was trying to get some much needed sleep and he would try to sneak soooo quietly into the room to see me. Hehe. He has also been very loving lately. He will come up behind me and just hug my legs, then run away. He has been crawling up into my lap just to sit and snuggle with me. These things may not seem like much, but they do make me feel better.

New Pics

I finally posted the pics that have been stewing in my camera for about 2 months now. I added more to the "Now that I am 1" album and created a Minnesota trip album. I will be adding more to this album when I can get my mom’s pictures. My camera had run out of batteries, so I didn’t get as many pics as I had wanted. I will also be trying to upload more videos for viewing pleasure.

Sol has started to walk around the house "talking" on an old cordless phone we had. I have no idea who he talks to, but he sure does argue alot. With hand waving and everything. We sort of got a video of it, only he was on his toy phone rather than walking around with the cordless. Still pretty funny.

Minnesota and Seagull Dancing

Sol and I went to visit my grandmother in Minnesota (with my mom) for about 5 days. I had been really nervous as to how he would react to the plane trip and a completely new environment lol. He did extremely well. He had a few fussy moments, but there were other parents on the plane who definately had it worse than I did.
He really had a blast in Minnesota. I was able to let him roam pretty freely on the grass without worrying about fireants, spiders, and other fairly dubious creatures that may cause harm to a little person. I think his favorite was our visit to the Hebl’s home (family friends). They have quite a bit of land and he just had sooooo much fun running around and walking on their trampoline. I rather enjoyed the trampoline myself – they have it built into the ground so you just walked right on to it.
Our next big trip is in less than a month. We are all really excited to be going out to Washington state. It will be sooo good to see family and friends that we have not seen in a few years.

Sol is really trying hard to communicate. It’s pretty cute. He mostly still says "Mama", so his conversations usually consist of "Mamamama MUHMA mumamama". His own word for belly has become "Tah!" (he says it while poking himself haha) and his word for cold is "Coo!" ~ or at least that is what he says when Daddy puts something from the freezer onto his neck.
He also gets a kick out of doing what I call the seagull dance. He just kind of runs in place. I saw gulls doing this same thing when I was working at BEAKS. Not sure why they do it, but I loved hearing that patpatpatpatpat sound. Now I get to hear it everyday from Sol. He just gets the biggest kick out of it.

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