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Fussy Feeding…

Sol had his first truly fussy feeding day. Refused almost everything I could think of. Wouldn’t even eat the banana he had been begging me for lol. Just threw it on the floor. I knew days like this were coming, guess I just didn’t expect it now lol. Trask and I think he may be going through another growth spurt. He has been sleeping ALOT lately. He will go to sleep at around 6/7 pm and wake up at 9 am. Then he has been taking 2 hour naps. Quite a nice little vacation from waking up at 7:30am and one 30 minute nap during the day lol. He also seems much happier with all this extra sleep hehe.

Grandma Jan is taking Sol and I to Minnesota on Thursday. I’m pretty excited and nervous. It will be Sol’s first experience on a plane. I am trying to plan very carefully what I will bring on as carry-on luggage…..

What does a 1 year old consider tasty??

Bananas soaked in his creamed corn of course… bleh.

Sweet Moments.

Sol finally really kissed me today. He’s been kissing daddy and Monkey, but not me. It was really sweet – I had just given him a bath and was taking him back to his room to get him ready for night night when he just stretched his neck up and kissed me on the cheek.

In your shoes…

I caught Sol trying to walk in his Daddy’s sandels this morning. Just wanted to share.

Little Barbarians

Yesterday I took Sol to Sun Country Gym. They have a neat little children’s thing on Fridays for about 2 hours. Parents can basically let their little ones go free. They can play in pools filled with foam blocks or plastic balls,  climb inclines, scoot on little scooter things, slide down various slides, go through a maze, play with balls that are bigger than I am, etc. Sol has soooo much fun. They also have a parachute time ~ kids gather in a circle, sing and play with a parachute, they also get under the parachute. There were too many people in the circle, so Sol and I just watched them and sang along. Then came a snack and story time.
I haven’t really been writing about Sol lately. He has become uber independent. I have had to get a harness for him as he has started to throw fits in parking lots when I hold his hand hehe. Trask tells me I am silly for getting it,  but I would rather look silly than have him run away from me and into a car’s path.
It’s nice that he wants to do stuff on his own, but there are some things I would still like to help him with – walking in the street/parking lot, spoon feeding… I know I am supposed to let him try the latter on his own, but we still don’t have our grout sealed yet. lol. I keep meaning to buy a shower curtain to put under him.


Sol started walking last night on his own. He first walked from me to his dad – who was about 6 feet away, then he spun around and walked back to me.

Today was almost like a holiday. He walked all over the place with a huge silly grin on his face. It gave me a break – I was actually able to just sit on the couch while he entertained himself. He didn’t "beg" me to play with him or anything. I also took him for a walk around some of the cul-de-sacs in our neighborhood. He had a lot of fun. Walking makes him so happy lol.


Well… it was a good day. His dad just woke him up cuz he coughed…. I guess in Trask’s defense, Sol was throwing up this morning and he wanted to make sure he was ok.

Stepping Forward

My sweet little cautious son tried to get out on his own today. He’s been dragging me everywhere cuz he refuses to walk without holding my hand. It can be very tiring – I have no idea where he stores all this energy. He is happy to walk in circles for hours. Or up and down one step. Over and over and over and over again.

So today, I get him out of the car and set him down next to me so I could get out the diaper bag etc. He usually grabs hold of my leg and waits. Not today. Today he decided to walk away from me. About 5 steps all by himself. Until he fell down.


Sol experienced his first big boo-boo this past weekend. We (Grandma Bobi, Sol, and I) were playing in Grandma’s pool. I should explain the pool a bit: It has a very shallow section they had built in just for Sol – they had the pool put in shortly after they found out I was pregnant, so built it with the baby in mind. Anyway, he had been having lots of fun climbing out and then climbing back in. Over and over. He had just climbed out (he was also playing with Grandma), got a little too carried away, and tried to fast crawl. Unfortunately, he was right on the edge of the pool. I managed to catch him and break his fall, but he still skinned up his forehead and nose.


We have decided that it is time to upgrade to the big boy car seat. I know this is boring for most people, but it is a big step for us hehe.
He’s been sleeping alot lately. I think he is growing again. He’s also begun to do the toddler way of eating – basically snacking all day long. He also seems to be starting to wean himself from nursing. I’m sad about this and happy at the same time. It means he is growing up… sad and happy lol.

Mommy’s little go-go dancer…..

My son is destined to be a dancer…..
Yesterday he held onto the leg of our card table with his left hand, put his right hand behind his head, and did his baby dance. I wish I had caught it on my camera… I was laughing so hard I was crying and nearly peed my pants.

Scootin’ Sol

We have a walker/scooter thing given to us by Malka (THANK YOU!!) that we have started to use outside. Sol just has a blast with it out there. He will walk next to me for a little while around our driveway, then I will turn it into a scooter and whizz him around until my back can’t take it anymore (really hard to keep leaning down and running).

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