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Holy Stress Eating, Batman!

I don’t know when it started, but I need to stop it. Now. I have gained about 5 lbs since May. I think. I have been too afraid to weigh in. Yes, I have a lot going on in my life. This should not be an excuse to overindulge. I will have some free time tomorrow afternoon, so I will create a weekly menu. I really do very well with my eating habits if I have a list I can follow. It must be a neurotic thing.

We still have no answers on what is going on with my baby. He is improving, but is still about 4 months behind on his gross motor skills. And he seems to stay about 4 months behind. We are working to get the insurance to cover genetic testing, but they are really dragging their feet on this test. In the meantime, we have been having just about every other test possible done, with no clear answers. I really think the genetic testing will tell us something. At least let us know if Sammi will require specialized care and therapy for the rest of his life.

He had an MRI done last week. I hated that. I was there when they put him under so he would not move during the MRI. I wanted to be there when he woke up, but he was mostly awake when they brought him in to us. He still had his eyes closed, so at least we were the first people he saw. I had a hard time watching them put him to sleep.

The MRI results came back as “mostly normal.” Hehe. They found a small cyst near his pituitary gland. This appears to be a relatively common thing and I have been told by a few doctors that it is nothing to worry about now, but to keep an eye on Sammi. If he starts to get headaches, then we may need to take another look at that cyst.

I have had 3 moles taken off of my back and am now waiting for the lab results. Cuz I really need more medical crap going on.

There. That is my irritable catching-up blog.

A Quick Update

I haven’t had much time to get on the computer and blog. So, I am just writing a quick update as to how I have been doing.

I have finished Week 2 of C25K. I am taking my time with it. I have also been running with a friend who just started the C25K program, so I have been going back and forth between week 2 and week 1. I kind of like that. It really makes Week 1 seem like cake hehe. I have started to think about adding in a 4th run every week that is just a 1 mile run. It is not on the program, so I will have to figure it out on my own.

I did a pretty good run today. I was slowed down for a few blocks by a massive cloud of gnats. There were so many I had to cover my nose, mouth, and eyes. It was annoying. I will try to avoid that area in the future. In any case, according to, I ran a total of 2.45 miles. Yay me! That website is a pretty awesome tool.

Anyway, that is it for now. I need to get some sleep before I have to get up for a baby feeding.

The New Addition

Samedi was born on November 12, 2010 at 9:26pm PST.

I know I am 2 weeks late in getting this up here, but I’ve been busy. My new little guy was born with no complications and little pain. I had apparently been in labor since the day before, but didn’t realize it. Normal contractions feel nothing like induced contractions. They are a little uncomfortable, but way more bearable than the induced ones are. The doc still had me induced when I got to the hospital, just to get things moving faster. Boy howdy, did they ever move fast too. I had Sam in my arms 6 hours after I had reached the hospital. They didn’t even clean him off before they handed him to me:

It was messy and wonderful. They let me hold him and nurse him until I felt ready to hand him over to be cleaned up.

Poor Sam does need some minor surgery done on his tongue. He is unable to nurse properly due to the tongue tie (that piece that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) being too long. He can not stick his tongue out of his mouth. I still nurse him when he wants, but we then supplement with a bottle and I pump to keep my milk supply up. I am taking him in to a consultation next Tuesday to find out more about the procedure. I am not looking forward to it, but I want to make sure my boy is healthy and if this minor surgery will help him to gain weight, then I will do it.

Sol has been a super big brother. He likes to help wash Sam and feed Sam. I think he is still unsure what to make of this strange, small, funny-sounding creature, but he is very gentle and patient with Sam.

I plan to start exercising again in the next week or so. My sister-in-law gave me a free gym pass good for 12 visits. I just need to find the time to go. I need to be able to have someone watch Sam. I can take Sol with me and leave him in the daycare, but Sam is still too small for that. Once I start that up, I will start to record my progress here.


Bring it on, Braxton!

I don’t remember having Braxton Hicks with my son. I may have and never realized it. They can be sneaky that way. I’m feeling them this time. The discomfort factor is rising daily. I am at the point where I hope I really do not have to wait 3 more weeks (slightly less than 3 weeks now). My next doctor appointment is in a week’s time and it feels like it is soooo far away.

I have taken a tour of the hospital’s birthing center. I didn’t do that with my boy heh. My husband and I wandered around the hospital for about 10 minutes trying to find the correct elevators. Now I know right where to go. My bag is almost done with being packed. I just need to put in an outfit for me and for the baby to wear home. I have 2 infant car seats all cleaned up and ready to go. I’ve been nesting like mad. Nothing is safe from getting a cleaning. I am going to clean the kids’ room again today.

I am also going to bake a pumpkin pie for my son’s kindergarten class. I forgot that parents will also get homework from school. I don’t think that I put my pumpkin pie recipe on my Pumpkin Recipes page. I will have to add it later today. I think I just didn’t think about adding it since pumpkin pie is so easy and common.

Baby Shower

I had my baby shower yesterday. It was fun and really very exhausting. Then again, a lot of things are very exhausting for me lately. My friends, Genn and Kim and my mother-in-law, Bobi, really outdid themselves. Everything was beautiful and delicious. Even though I unknowingly gave them quite a few challenges. Heh. They had to go with neutral colors since I do not know if we are having a boy or a girl. I also told them that I was looking for owl-related items for the baby. I didn’t realize this would be the theme of the party. Cutesy owl decorations are pretty hard to find. Genn’s 13-year-old daughter made my cake:

I think it is a pretty amazing cake. She made the top layer with Splenda instead of sugar, so I would also be able to enjoy it with only a little guilt at the carb intake. She based the owls on the owls that had been used for the invitations. She is so incredibly talented. I really think that she has found her calling as a pastry chef and I believe she will do very well in that field.

The fruit platters were also incredible. They were created by my mother-in-law:

I received a ton of wonderful gifts and gift cards. There are only a few more items that I really need which I did not receive. The hubby and I are pleased and touched by our friends’ and family’s generosity.

A new start. Again

We have finally made it to WA (and I finally remembered to write about it here). Sol and I got here on April 9th and we moved into our new apartment on April 11th. I really like our new place. It has a nice courtyard outside our back door for Sol to ride his new big boy bike around and it is in walking distance to pretty much anything we need. I found out my friend, Genn, moved about a mile down the road from us, so I have been having Sol ride his bike (while I walk) to her place. It’s great – he gets so worn out that day that he usually goes to sleep with no complaint. Or very little complaint anyway as he usually can’t seem to help conking right out.
I have been applying for a large variety of jobs. In all actuality, we just need a little supplemental income, so I am hoping to get work with a grocery store or Home Depot or pretty much anyplace that will allow me to have an evening schedule during the week. That way I can stay home with Sol and we won’t have to worry about daycare fees. Just to be safe though, I have been applying for a lot of office positions as well. I figured it wouldn’t hurt.  If I can get one that will cover our expenses and daycare, why not? Sol has been asking to go to "school" lately, so if we can afford it, I would love to send him to one.
Genn has asked me to join her in a venture of sorts. She buys a lot of old furniture and refurbishes it. She wants to start selling it at a local antique store. She has asked me to come in on it with her and has offered me 1/2 the profit. This also means that I have to pay 1/2 the costs, which are a slight problem right now. I think it would be a lot of fun. She has already started to teach me the basics of how to look for furniture that will be able to be refurbished, what is worth something, and what is worthless. I can’t wait to start helping her to fix and repaint some of it. She is an amazing bargainer… A lot of this stuff she got for under $5. She is pretty sure she will be able to sell most of it for anywhere from $60 to $600.
Our house should be going on the market any day now. We are just waiting for Gino to finish up his work. It is a little frustrating to see all the work I had wanted done while we lived in it to be done when we are trying to sell it. Bobi tells me it looks absolutely fantastic.
Oh well. We are looking for a house here that is lower than what we are selling for. Once we get a house, it won’t really be necessary for me to work, so I would like to find a bit of a fixer-upper or a place with a large yard for gardens or both. I keep coming back to this one:
However, it might be too much of a fixer-upper.
I think this is it for now.


I will be offline starting in a few days. I will have limited… possibly no… access to a reliable online source. I may go to the library, but I have too much other shit to take care of. Sorry Internet – you have to go on the bottom of my important thingies list.

Just to make most of you who care jealous – I may be going through the town of Deadwood on my journey. Depends on how the weather is through the Idaho mountain passes. However, I won’t be starting this journey until early March.

Talk to all of you in a few months!

Catching Up

This is going to be as brief as 3 months can be and sloppy.

I am going to be cross-blogging this everywhere, so if you are a member of another one of my many blog communities – be forewarned.

The past few months have been pretty durned stressful for my family. Trask found out in November that he would be out of a job by the end of December. This seriously sucks as it meant we have a pretentious apt we can’t afford, 3 loan payments each month to really worry about, and now I can not afford to get the medical insurance on our boy as we need as much of my paycheck as possible.
We did manage to nestle our account with some savings in the meantime. That helped.

Poor Trask was applying like a madman for a new job during this time.

At the end of November, our tenant found out she needed to downsize. So now we have our mortgage to worry about as well as the various other house things that had been taken care of by the rent (insurance, property tax, etc).

December went alright. Abby’s ex was shot and killed. That was pretty much the only excitement and was unfortunately not altogether a surprise. I hope he finally found some peace.

Now January.
Trask received quite a few interested employers. Pretty varied too. Insurance sales to teaching. Two local high schools interviewed him and one offered him a position yesterday. He asked for the weekend to think on it as he has another phone interview for a health physicist tech position in Olympia, WA coming up.
We discussed the teaching position today while I was having lunch at work and he decided to go ahead and take it just in case another offer does not come.
Before I left work, he had called me up to tell me that he now had a job waiting for him in Richland, WA. It was completely unexpected and exactly what we were hoping for.

He starts Feb 4 and will be moving out there before Sol and I head out there. I will be staying in Florida to help with arranging for the sale of our house and getting our stuff ready to go west.

The hard thing here is leaving my mom, mom-in-law, and dad-in-law. They have been so incredibly, beyond words, helpful to us. They also all have an extremely close bond with Sol and this is going to be hard on them and on him. Yet another reason to delay our move by a couple of months. I am considering staying until just after Sol’s 3rd birthday, but I want to make sure Trask will be able to celebrate it with us.

So yeah. Our lives pretty much did a 180 in the past couple of months.

Nine Years.

Trask and I have just celebrated nine years of married life. That’s a really long time. And we were together for 4 1/2 years before we got married. That’s even longer.
We went to Disney World to celebrate our anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We were cruel parents and left the rugrat with his grandparents so we could behave like children ourselves.
Our hotel is geared towards families and had lots of fun things to do for kids. Our room even had a bunk bed. At night they would play a movie at the pool so kids could go swimming and watch a movie. I thought that was pretty nifty.
At the Magic Kingdom, we went on Space Mountain 3 times (2 of those times were almost immediately after we got there), ate tons of ice cream, candy, and junk food, and left when we were completely exhausted. It was a good day.
On our way down to Orlando, we managed to catch the shuttle launch. On our way back, it rained, our car overheated, then it started to hail. We were driving a convertible by the way.
All in all, we had fun. We missed Sol horribly though. We couldn’t stop talking about him and saying things like "Sol would LOVE this!" We are planning on going again in October with Sol. I am also hoping to take Zan and Abby as well. It would be my treat for Zan’s birthday. I think it would be great fun to not tell him anything until we get there.

Osteoderm is a fun word.

This last weekend I went on my first ever archeological dig. I stabbed myself with a screwdriver less than 5 minutes after they had me start….

Anyway. We were digging in a clay pit (hardly a pit… we had to drive UP to it) with little screwdrivers. The first day I found nothing. On Sunday I found two quarter-sized pieces of osteoderm. It’s a term I had never heard before – but isn’t it fun to say? I basically found the hard shell-skin of a giant armadillo. About 20 feet up the pit from me they were ever so very carefully digging out what seems to be most of a skeleton of a giant armadillo. They are really looking for a type of ancient tapir, but only found the tooth of one while I was there. I was jealous, but I also didn’t want to work on it as I was afraid I would ruin it. I did mention that I stabbed myself within 5 minutes of starting there right? Yah. So was probably a good thing I was working the lower area that didn’t seem to have as much delicate stuff.

The people working around me did find parts of a rather large variety of wildlife. Alligater spine, turtle toes, turtle shells, capybara lower jaw piece, osteoderm of armadillos, something from a ground sloth.

It was pretty hot work and exhausting. I really loved it. I can’t wait to find some time to go back there. They are digging until Dec 20…

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