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Goals: Local

goalsI am not really sure why I term these goals as “Local” other than most of them can happen either with me or I can do them in my living area. These are mostly small goals that I am setting for myself that I hope will eventually lead to my “Worldly” goals.


  • Gain weight to my goal weight I know most people are trying to lose weight. I was. Then my illness gave me another illness: illness-induced anorexia.
  • Maintain goal weight: hard to do for anyone.
  • Walk around the block: a small, but big challenge for someone who has trouble walking to the corner and back.
  • Walk up Garfield Hill. It is a street nearby, but really, really steep.
  • Hike Badger Mountain: an even bigger challenge for someone who has trouble walking up the stairs.
  • Backpack with my husband. It will probably be just a short hike, but I am aiming for even the smallest victories.
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